Kitchen sink blocked + downstairs bathroom sink looking suspect


18 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
Kitchen sink blocked have tried sink unblocker from Lidl. Made no difference after 1 hour. Bought another and have left overnight.

But downstairs bathroom sink looking suspect.
Water is draining... But fills up 1/4.

Is the problem likely somewhere in the main drainage? What else can I do?

We have a shared drain with neighbour. So are covered by Thames water. They came out once 10 years ago and was free of charge because of shared drainage. But hoping can sort myself - they will have to bring disgusting pipes through the house as drain access is in garden.

Any advice would be great.

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Could you not lift the drain covers outside and take a look? It should be almost dry, unless there is actively draining water.
Flush downstairs WC, does the pan fill up and slowly drop back down? All indications currently suggest you have a blockage. Chemicals are a waste of time, please inform anyone else who now attends what you have used, it is vital for their safety.
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Thanks for the replies.

@Harry Bloomfield Erm... never thought of opening the drain covers. I'll go and do that in a short while.

@Chris_W I checked the other downstairs bathroom sink and toilet... I was wrong. It's OK. Water not going down slowly as I described actually.

@Hugh Jaleak I had to re-read what you said a few times to understand. Advice understood. We still have the 2 empty bottles in the bin.

If drain hole is OK, then I guess blockage is near kitchen sink only. In which case, what should I do?

If it is only your kitchen sink that doesn't drain ,remove the trap and check it is clear. Whilst trap is removed also check the pipe that it connects to is also clear.
The trap is immediately under the sink. If unsure ,post pics of pipework below sink.
Wear suitable protective gloves / eye protection / clothing etc as your chemicals will likely still be present.
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I can definitely look at the trap.
Just worried about the chemicals that have been put down the sink plug.
The water is now going down slowly - very very slowly now. This wasn't happening before.
I poured hot water down there before I read your reply.
I'll do this first and post back if troubles still.
Didn't get to look at the trap in the end...

Sink now unblocked
As said... it was going slowly - very slowly
So I sellotaped the vents - the overfill
And plunged loads. Didn't seem to do anything at the time.
Then poured more hot water down there.
Now unblocked.

Thanks for all the replies.
Mechanical methods are always superior to chemicals! Apologies if you didn't understand my original post, we are always concerned when people use these Unblocking chemicals, what many fail to realise is, 'One Shot' and the like are very strong acids, (the same stuff as acid attackers use), and they really need banning from general sale.

Someone unaware comes along, takes the pipework apart to clear it, and gets covered in waste, if the chemical is still present it will burn through skin and tissue in seconds....

My question about the Toilet was to try and ascertain if the underground drain might be blocked, irrelevant now as you've sorted it. (y)

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