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20 Jan 2013
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United Kingdom

are there kitchen taps that allow hot, cold plus water softener based inputs please?

i'm fixing a water softener. i'm keen to replace the tap than to drill another tap hole on my granite worktop.


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i meant softened water.

i want softened water in the kitchen too - so that the kettle, other kitchen utensils become limescale free. i guess that goes for the washing machine, dish washer too.

which usually means adding another small tap for drinking water, which would be directly fed from the mains. as softened water is not recommended for drinking.

that small tap is what i want to avoid drilling in.

so essentially i'm looking for a kitchen mixer with 3 inputs.


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You should avoid drinking softened water, as it usually contains small traces of salt from the regeneration process of your water softener. This salt will not disappear if you boil the water, so I would suggest not using it to fill your kettle.

The washing machine and dishwasher can be plumbed directly to the softened water pipes.

As far as I can see that leaves only a requirement for softened water for hand washed dishes / glasses / cutlery. You could use the outlet of a tap designed for filtered water for that, but for me the risk of people using it to fill the kettle would outweigh the benefits.
thanks for that,

actually the bit about the kettle was a misquote by me. don' tknwo what i was thinking.

anyways my logic was - i needed softened water in the kitchen for cleaning, washing machine, dish washer plus drinking water for cooking, drinking, plus of course the kettle.

so a filtered tap has 3 inputs?

in any case i hear you on the risk as well.. the risk of drinking off the wrong tap is very real. in fact evey time i visit my mates who has a softener, i often end up drinking off the wrong tap!!

so maybe i should leave the kitchen tap as it is, directly plumbed to the mains.. and plumb the dishwasher and washing machine to the softened water.

that way i don't need an expensive tap either..

thx again, much appreciated..
Now this is just silly.
SS sink top, antique brass tap :?:

I can't fathom why Bristan is mentioned in the post. Bristan wouldn't soil their catalogue with some of those monstrosities!

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