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26 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I'm currently planning the installation of my new kitchen and was going to install ikea units as I've always found their flatpack to be decent quality, and they have some nice kitchen design ideas. However having used the search facility of this forum it seems that their base units are designed to fit flush against the wall and therefore wouldn't give any space for the water, gas and waste pipes which I have running behind my current units. I don't understand why this is the case, do they not have pipework in Swedish kichens? :confused:

Can anybody recomend another manufacturor to me? I used B&Q units in the kitchen in my last house but their customer service was so abysmal that I'm not sure I want to put anymore money in their pockets.

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I recently finished my kitchen used MFI, b***cks to what other may say, I found the delivery, after sales (although sometimes holding for calls to be answered), replacement of damaged / missing parts & receiving credit for items remaining was first class.
The cabinets themselves were well finished & easy to assemble. MFI have moved on.

No I dont work for them. :LOL:
blb said:
do they not have pipework in Swedish kichens? :confused:

Yes, they do! :)

It's a bit different though, the pipework is normally under the floorboards. Hence, no requirement for fitting it behind the units! ;)

On the other hand. I was planing on using IKEA for my units as well, and my pipework happens to be in the floor as well. Lucky me! :D
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Despite the old jokes (usually involving screws and the cabinet) MFI stuff is good. (I don't work for them either.) Just make sure they're having one of their regular half price sales.

I haven't used anybody else's units so I can't comment but here are some general points:

1) Look at the backs. All units are made to look good at the front but damp gets them from behind. Raw chipboard edges are bad news. If your units have them I suggest you give them a good thick coat of primer first.

2) Look at the fixings. Screws don't take well in the edge of chipboard. You want something more substantial.

3) Look at the worktops. The thicker the better - and if you can see any that have sagged in the middle go somewhere else.

4) Look at the drawer runners. You want metal ones with rollers, not grooves in the drawer sides sliding on plastic rails. (If you do end up with those reinforce the rails BEFORE they break.)
Thanks for all your recomendations. Is there any reason why I couldn't use IKEA doors on a B&Q (or other) base unit carcass? The reason I ask is that I'd particularly like IKEA wall units for their design features however base units seem to be fairly generic.
Ikea bases & wall units 700mm high
B & Q are 720
Wickes are 735

Not sure of the others, hinge spacing may also vary.

My recommendations at the moment, for high st. shops are in order;
Ikea, if their unique construction and odd sizes don't bother you.

This is based on 16 fits this year, 7 were MFI and all of which had problems.
Any probs, (damaged door/ missing bolt etc.) arrived within a couple of days, full cabinet packs in the case of the bolts. Now ended up with enough bits n bobs to re-fit me shed !!
I have 32 units from MFI in my kitchen and not one bit was missing :!: Maybe I was lucky!
Scoby_Beasley said:
Any probs, (damaged door/ missing bolt etc.) arrived within a couple of days, full cabinet packs in the case of the bolts. Now ended up with enough bits n bobs to re-fit me shed !!

Yep, Wickes for me too, good instore design service, excellent base units (18mm material), good service on faulty/damaged parts and enough spares to start your own ebay shop :LOL:

Keep an eye on the prices though, as they regularly change the discounts :!:
Just did my kitchen with carcasses from a company called Frontline. Pre-assembled units (apart from the big ones) 18mm construction all round, including backs and drawer bases, cam+dowel fixings and plenty of them, blum metal-sided drawers and blum hinges, choice of colours.
petewood, have you got any website details for them.

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