Land drain ends in my garden - what to do?

26 Sep 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi,There is a 6" clay pipe that ends in my garden that's been there probably for the last 60 years but is now giving me grief.
I believe that this pipe was not intended to end in my garden,but when water company cameras were put into it some years ago it was found to end at my fence line (either blocked or broken,they said it was not one of their pipes,is probably a land drain,and they have no interest in it).

I've lived here 20 years and not had any trouble with the pipe until recently,my garden is constantly waterlogged,and I get standing water when it rains.
I've had to dig a ditch to move the water downhill away from my house,which isn't really ideal.

Could I seal this pipe off where it enters my garden,or should I divert it into my house combined sewer?
What if someone uphill has connected their waste into it?...I'm wary of breaking into it in case it's full of poo.
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you said the pipe ends in your garden? is it open ended or blocked up?
Personally I would just block it up. and then if anything happens later. like your neighbors garden gets full of poo, then just deny all knowledge.

lol. that would be my first reaction. but if you really want to, I would make sure you know whats in the pipe before I go connecting it to my drainage system!

use long rubber gloves!
About 15years ago i put my spade through the pipe whilst digging a strip footing for a diy brick garage and the water trickled out clear but soon filled my trench.
The water company sent out a camera team who said the pipe was blocked and looked like it was collapsed.
I was advised to wrap some lead sheet around the damaged pipe and concrete over it.

What's the best way to block the pipe?...I'm thinking maybe break it open and fill it with quick set post mix?
yeah. you can fill it with sand and cement or post mix. it doesn;t matter really.
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Where does the pipe come from? I believe that a neighbour is not allowed to discharge their water onto your property, so if that is the case, then I'd see about dealing with the neighbour. If it is from the road, then I woudl have thought the council would be responsible, and again they might be contravening some regulation. Are you sure it ends on your property rather than crossing it? I have a grey water pipe crossing my property which takes water from the road, and which drains into the main sewer, which also crosses my property.
I would ring the local council to find out if there are any regulations that might prevent you from blocking it up or liability to you if you do block it up and find out later that it has resulted in damage to someone else. Denying any knowledge might not help you if the backflow causes damage to someone elses property through flooding and its obvious that there is fresh cement at the termination.

There is some land next to me where the landowner blocked a drain and this caused an uphill neighbours property to flood, who in turn diverted the water on to the road which now causes the road to flood.

Perhaps if you block it gradually over time any upstream issues will become apparent, or trace it back to you where it enters your property and block it there.

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