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14 Jan 2005
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United Kingdom
I moved house last year to a 12 year old property with the rear gardens already laid to lawn. Recent feeding of the lawn has resulted in lush green growth, however, my problem is that there is a mix of both fine and course grasses. The course grass grows profusely and if left uncut for a few days becomes unsightly.

Is there anything I can do to inhibit the growth of the course grass and encourage the finer grass? They are both distributed evenly throughout the lawn which makes me think that they were sown as a mixed grass from seed.

The lawn looks tidy when cut, and I would not wish to dig it all up and start again.

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Very unlikely you will find anything to seperate the two,unless you feel like digging them out :eek: (they are too similar for herbicides to work - they will kill either both or none)
And lawn grass is normally a mix of grasses e.g. meadowgrass for soft,lush colour;ryegrasses for durability.
I have always found this a problem.
Whatever you do, grasses indigenous to the area will always appear.
I treated a similar patch last year, by removing the turf, and buying a square metre of lawn turf from a garden centre and relaying.
To keep a lawn looking good, the only answer is constant vigilance, for weeds, rogue grasses etc, regular mild doses of feed, and regular mowing.

I was fascinated to hear last year at the FA Cup final, the groundsman was being interviewed about the preparation of the pitch for the big occasion.
It had been mowed 8 times that morning, and would have the fianl mow about one hour before kick-off.
yeah but have you seen the mowers they use. it would probably have taken the tinniest slither of on each pass. its not gardening there its an artform
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If you want a bowling green type appearance then you will need to lift and relay. I would also apply glyphosate before lifting to kill the creeping type of grass which will just poke through your new lawn, things such as cooch grass etc. Lifting and relaying is the only way to control the grass which is there.

Otherwise just keep feeding and mowing and the coarser grasses will reduce because they generally do not like to be cut often unlike the finer grasses which need cut to be at there best.


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