laying engineered wood floor onto timber suspended floor

22 Mar 2020
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United Kingdom

Ive purchased a Kahrs chevron engineered wood floor. The flooring at the minute is the original floorboards on timber joists (1930s house).

These are the installation instructions for the floor

It says the subfloor should be a solid screeded floor or v100 particle boards or OSB, Ive never heard of OSB being used as a subfloor? The original floor is pretty level, i was planning to put down some 6mm ply on top of it, and just lay onto that. Does this sound sensible?

The company i bought the floor from were completely useless in offering advice.

Any advice greatly appreciated!
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If you read the manufacturers instructions they clearly state V100 particle board, OSB or other suitable timber material - but they also state 25mm thick, so if your floor boards really are dead flat (in my experience most aren't unless you sand them or are exceptionally lucky) you'll probably be OK. Have you tried putting a 6ft level across them and checking?
Be better to go 9mm ply if possible but 6mm would do.

Thanks for the help all. Ive lifted one of the floorboards and they're 16/17mm thick, so sounds like a 9mm ply would be safer. I haven't had a chance to run a spirit level across the floor yet but will do tomorrow. @dazlight Ive seen in your previous posts you recommend Timbermate excel as your go to underlay, would this underlay be suitable in my case or is the Kahrs floor laid straight onto the ply.

To be honest fitting this floor may be above my skill level and may get someone in to do it but helps if i know what i'm talking about and can ensure the best quality underlay/subfloor is used!
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@dazlight shows how much I know! I assume foam underlay is for a floating floor and not needed if glueing new floor to plywood? The Kahrs floor is tongue and groove. I’ve run a level across the floor and it’s surprisingly level so with some 9mm ply on top I should be good to go? Once again thanks for all the help!
Hello everyone just a quick update. I’ve laid the plywood down and feathered all joints and slight ridges between boards to get everything as level as I can get it with stopgap500. I’m just wondering where to start the installation.

I’ve attached a picture of my room and the picture of the installation instructions. I was just going to start from the door and work my way left to right. However the instructions seem to say start from the middle and work one way than the other? The floor will be running as laid down in the picture with the chevrons running towards the window.

I know the obvious awnser is the follow the instructions but just a bit confusing as my room shape and door position are completely different to the picture In the instructions!


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