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17 Jul 2003
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United Kingdom

I wish to replace a block paving patio with larger paving slabs.

The current sub-base of the blocks is sound, hardcore/concrete with a well compacted layer of sharp sand on top.

Can I simply lift the block pavers and lay some cement on top of the sand to bed the slabs and maintain the current patio level or would you recommend removing the sand down to the hardcore/concrete sub-base and lay a further thicker layer of cement?

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You need to remove the sand and lay your slabs on either fresh sand or mortar depending on their type and size.

What flags are you planning to use?
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as said before remove pavers and sharp sand down to hardcore then start from there......
never lay slabs on just sand unless you have a horse and funny hat
you mite even be able to reuse some of the old sharp sand in your new mix to bed the slabs.
i think its funny no has asked if your driving on it or not?????
if you are id not want to lay slabs but its up to you..

4/1 mix or 5/1 mix sharp sand and cement with a dash of febmix or winter mix now its turning cold.
nice damp/wetish mix you dont want water sitting on top of the mix in the barrow.

are you butting them up or jointing them up?

if ou jointing them then lay the new patio let it fully dry for 2/3 days then use a 5/1 mix light damp almost dry trowel into the joints really chop in to the joints with your trowel then use a pointing iron work it in even more

then sweep off with soft yard broom after about hour then light wet down with hose job done you can leave some money behind the bar not ill have a drink later
As said before you must remove the sand.

I think no one asked if he's driving on it because he called it a patio.

You can not butt joint sandstone flags so will have to point them.

I agree with skimmers as to the rest.

Personally i use 5:1 grit sand : cement and i put a good glug of SBR in the mix.

For pointing i like to use plastering sand and usually go a wee bit richer, around 3.5 sand to 1 cement.

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