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Leaking glass on composite door (AIBU)

Discussion in 'Windows and Doors' started by FakeStanley92, 26 Nov 2021.

  1. FakeStanley92


    15 May 2021
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    United Kingdom

    We have a composite door with 4 windows in it. A while back after heavy rain we noticed a puddle on the floor but didn’t know where the water had come from. Initially I thought it was a roof leak but didn’t see any evidence so just put it down to water being walked in.

    then today we’ve noticed water on the door sill and drip marks down the inside of the door.

    to be sure it was the door I’ve then poured water against the door and we’ve had a stream of water come in. I’ve contacted the installers who have said

    We will have look at door I suspect something to do with drainage if puddle , but any door will leek with poring water as video as not how rain would hit the door , same as a hose pipe.

    Which, I get they have said they will look at it, but it kind of implies that by me pouring water I’m creating an unnatural scenario so I shouldn’t be surprised that water is coming in.

    the door wasn’t cheap, it was installed by a good local company and it is guaranteed but the response has annoyed me a bit. Should I accept that a door will leak every now and again or should i expect a door not to leak.

    aibu in expectations? We’ve had a few niggles with the quality of doors since buying and have highlighted them whilst also trying to not be overly picky. As an example the door handle was wobbly as a fixing screw on the door was not tightened so I had to dismantle the handle and retighten it, it had been like that since installing and was an easy fix after I realised I had to remove everything…

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