Leaking shower tray/ cubicle

8 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom
To those who may remember my earlier thread on this subject...... :(

I have refitted my shower tray with a sealing strip which sits on the bootom of the tray and tiled over it as I thought the water must be getting behind it. I have siliconed it and cannot understand why there is water still leaking out and wetting my kitchen ceiling. :evil:

The plumbing is sound so that can be discounted. The shower tray butts up to the wall and the tiles sit flush with the tray so no water can penetrate back so where is this bloody water coming from?

Is it possible that water can get behind the tiles through the grout which is waterproof.?
Also does anybody know anything about plastic wall sealer (all in one thing which seals the cubicle.
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i have to ask, but what about the plug hole? is it tight?
Cheers Breezer but the plumbing is sound.
Looking under the shower tray there is no sign of any leaks. :cry:
BAHCO said:
Is it possible that water can get behind the tiles through the grout which is waterproof.?
It can but takes a long time as the grout is only water resistance.

Can you not see any water mark? Is it a electric shower? if so maybe leaking onto the pipe and going elsewhere. A faulty waste trap? Have you tried to using sealant on top of your sealing strip (I don't like the sealing strip type specially on the corners.) Are the waste pipe push-in type, if so have you check the 'O' ring seal. Does the tray move downward slightly when stepped on? Are you sure it's coming from the shower area and not radiator, bath or toilet etc?
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It is a mixer shower off the combi.

All the plumbing is sound and it only leaks when I have a shower.
There is no water coming down the pipes or the waste joints.

I have covered all angles, the water on the walls will run down off the sealing strip and into the tray so it cannot get behind the strip, and even if it did the tray has a 20 mm lip to prevent any water ingress.

Absolutely baffled :eek:
The shower trap not cross threaded is it? or washer useless?
Thanks Masona for your reply but the plumbing is 100%.

It only leaks when I have a shower. Just had another look and have noticed the plasterboard where it meets the floor is a bit soggy. The only way water can get down through this is behind the tiles so I'm thinking water must be getting behind the tiles somehow,

The shower tray is all sealed so I am suspecting the grout.
I feel like ripping the lot out and starting again.
Very ****ed off :cry:
I will sort this mother out if it kills me. :(
Will let you know how I get on.
When I do get back to work, shower trays will not be on the menu :!: :evil:
Okay, try this one,

1, A few bucket of water or watering can and just pour it in the shower tray first then check for leak, if leaking then could be trap or waste pipe.

2. A watercan pour onto on the tiles then check for leak, if it's leaking then its could be the grout or sealant.

3. The shower mixer on but the shower head in the tray area, if leaking that will tell you it's coming from the mixer or pipe etc.
With regard to the plumbing it is all sound :D

However, the bad news is, the water is getting out where the tray meets the wall.
:cry: I thought I had this covered by fitting a sealing strip so water would drip down the tiles, onto this strip and into the tray.

The old saying comes to mind, getting where water can't.

I have now taken everything out and am going to start from scratch.Any tips on installing the shower tray and sealing would be most welcome.
My own opinion, I think tiles in the shower cubicle are waste of time specially if it's on plasterboard as the grout are only water resistance and not fully waterproof.

If you don't mind paying out a bit more you're better off having shower wall panel kit for maintenence free.

I have a shower white upvc panel kit (not sure if you can still get them) and haven't got nothing to worry about black moulds etc.

The other option is to have a all-in-one shower cubicle as they do caravan which are available for household.

As for your shower tray put plenty of sealant down the side of the tray, re-tile then sealant again. The plastic tray are also a waste of time, the ceramic tray are better as they are heavy and won't move.
Thanks for your help Masona.
I think you are right about the plastic trays and I certainly won't be purchasing again. :(
I will get this job done in the next 2 days so will let you know the result. :D

I fully retiled and sealed and ............ It still fooking leaked :!: :evil: :evil: .

I could not believe it as I had sealed everywhere and could not see any watermarks.
Out came the shower tray and I sealed the floor edges. placed marine ply underneath and sealed this also.
Reinstalled the tray and sealed absolutely anything that didn't move and am pleased to say the leak has gone. :D :D

I've never known anything like this in my life and will stick to plumbing from now on.

By the way tilers earn every penny they charge.
A horrible job!

Thanks to all :D

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