Leaky roof again

1 Jul 2018
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United Kingdom

I seem to be having terrible luck lately.

A couple of weeks ago we had a roofer remove an old back boiler chimney due to a leak, when he was up there we asked him to cap the main chimney and re do the ridge tiles as we noticed a lot of mortar missing.

I have just noticed some water on a bedroom wall so have just been in the loft and we seem to have 2 leaks.

Leak 1

Not large but enough to cause a small puddle of water on the loft boards. Doesn't help there is a small Rip in the membrane.
Am I right in thinking my newly mortared ridge tiles could be the problem?

Leak 2

This one is around our main chimney,
Could this be due to the ridge tiles or is it more likely the leading?
This one i quite bad and is dripping in to the bedroom through a hole in the ceiling for the TV ariel.

There were no visible leaks in these areas before the work was done, should I get the same roofer out or is this likely due to him doing a poor job in the first place?

On a separate note, we have had a new boiler flue fitted (different roofer) and it seems water tight but the membrane has been cut to fit the flue but has not been sealed around it again, so you can see the tiles, could this become a future problem, should I try and seal it a bit better? If it can be done from the inside.

Thanks for any help
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