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21 Jan 2022
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Good morning

I've noted that there are nice people on forums, very helpful ones, and some not so nice.

Over the years I've made a couple of nice cyber mates and we at times discuss personal info without our address full real name etc without fear of being judged etc etc.

I've found Mods on some forums biased towards longer standing clowns. On some forums, the Mods won't take a single negative about them and ban people

In this forum, I've found the Admin very fair and very reasonable.

Therefore, why not make less work for them as they, the owners afford you a free platform to seek help/advice, give help/advice/opinions and room for debates OT etc.

Why spoil a nice place as if/when you see a genuine concern, try to ignore and report if required. If you are really unhappy, contact Admin via Email.

One other thing I've noted is jokers banging on about who they have "put on ignore" - There is no reason to repeatedly bang on about that, do as I do, just blank/ignore them without putting on ignore/etc as I do and often in time most of these will change the way they behave towards you,

FYI, I'm not trying to tell you what to do that is not my place. I'm merely stating my views
as I see them here.

I like a debate and some nice posters here.

I've had a lot of help on various forums and hopefully returned in kind at times.

Thanks to the Mods that help run these forums, the owners and the nice posters I interact with though we may not agree with each other all of the time the chats are informative.

Have a nice day :) :)
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Often, not sure this site Admin are volunteers. This site allows us to post here it is their site. They have a duty of care to keep the site safe and free from
extreme views.

If I was you, I'd stop starting threads and then send a concise email with links where a username has continuous posted racist comments/lies.
I'm certain the Admin will act if it breaches the T&C's here and the law.

I read some newspapers others deem as "racist" as was picked up on this at works years ago = "why are you reading that racist..." I told them that I'd like to keep an eye on what those types are spouting

Bottom line your choice and I'd miss you if you left as you do post good points at times.

The choice is yours!!

Thread closed. Too many posts had to be deleted,
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