lec fridge freezer 50/50 - problem - OUTSIDE ???

before you go to any trouble, although i agree with the other posts, it seems to me that the best way to diagnose your problem would be to stand it in your house for a couple of days to see if it works there. if it does then you know that the advice is correct. if it doesn't well then you'll have to think again.
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many thanks keith, i tried it in the house as soon as i bought it and it works fine, just can't find where to get an elec. therm.?
heeelllooo viciousvinny

your fridge freezer wont work properly even if you install 2 thermostats
because the same circit will be cooling the fridge at the same timeas you only have one compressor[cooler]

your senario the fridge is happy cos its plus 3% its been like that for ages so the freezer is also above freezing as the compressor hasnt worked for days
now if you install a seperate thermostat in the freezer
when the compressor works for the freezer the fridge wont get as cold cos it has a much smaller cooling area but it will freeze to perhaps minus 4 or 5% that will ruin any soft fruit seperate milk and make cheese crumbly plus other things

you need seperate systems or heat the room up to about 12%[a geuss]

good luck
you can get fridge/freezers with separate controls for each compartment. If you look at the back you will see two compressors, one for the fridge and one for the freezer. If you read the manufacturer's literature, it will specify the minimum room temperature and this is usually a typical heated room temperature. So, a fridge is unlikely to work properly in a garage in winter and you'd probably have trouble with a freezer too.

You won't see two compressors unless its a really big fridge/freezer. I know someone with an older Westinghouse Fridge/Freezer (mid 90's) with separate controls, it has one compressor. When the fridge gets hot enough, the motor doesn't come on, the fan turns on a blows the freezer air into the fridge (in frost free) and when the freezer gets hot enough, the motor starts and the freezer fan starts. When you open the door during operation, the fan in the compartment you open stops until the door shuts.

If you have a Cyclic, bad luck, as they cannot use two thermostats unless there are two compressors, of the cyclics I've seen, all of them have a single thermostat.
This means, if there is only a thermostat in the fridge, the freezer temperature can change quite a lot, but it receives refrigerant last in Cyclic models, in frost free, there is usually one cooling coil system. On some models though, the fridge is moist and the freezer is frost free, in this case, if there are two thermostats (which is likely) the freezer gets refrigerant first then the fridge, if its one thermostat, the fridge gets the refrigerant first.

I hope this helps you,
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many thanks for all the replies
Is your refrigerator a Cyclic or a Frost Free. You should always buy a fridge/freezer with two thermostats so that you won't encounter a defrosted freezer.
Cyclics can't have two thermostats as there is no fan to help control the temperature. Hope this helps, as every little bit helps :)

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