LED Light Flashing

18 Feb 2019
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United Kingdom
Having issues with some LED lights, will try and explain as best I can, would like to know what is causing this.

I recently converted half my garage into a hobby space and added 2 LED batten lights. The garage has a separate fuse box and this was wired into the existing light. This was moved to the storage area and the wiring came off this into the two battens.

So it goes fuse box - bulb - LED 1 - LED 2

The bulb is fine. But LED 1 flashes. When you turn the lights on all is good but after maybe 10 or 20 minutes LED 1 flashes for about 20 seconds then stabilises. It does this quite frequently. LED 2 has done this a few time’s but not as often.

I have tried switching the LED bulbs around to see if the issue moves but it was still mainly the first unit.

Any idea what the issue could be and how to fix?
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Loose connection? Trapped insulation wire?
Optional extra no charge. Mine I would say pulse rather than flash, and that is with 5 bulbs, wish I could stop it, but seems it is down to method used to regulate the current through the LED, yes could be a poor connection, but it is such a common fault more likely the driver inside the bulb/tube, and there is nothing you can do short of swapping the bulb/tube.
Thanks, will have to get someone in to take a look once we are all allowed to leave our houses again lol
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Sorry to dig up an old thread but due to various issues (COVID and redundancy) I have not had the time or money to get this sorted.

I have had the wiring checked, not by a proper electrician, but someone who knows what they are doing. They found a loose wire which was tightened but the lights are still flashing.

The lighting unit does not have a driver or a starter. Am I fairly safe to assume that the unit is fine and the issue may be the bulbs? I can just about stretch to some new tubes but really hoping I don’t have to buy new lights or get an electrician involved.



You haven't really said what the problem is. Are they flashing on when off, or off when on?
Sorry I thought the original post describes the issue well enough.

When the lights are switched on they seem ok but after a while they start to flash. Both lights now do this and don’t really stop. If I then turn them off and leave them for a while it will be ok again for a while. But they are only ok for maybe 5 or 10 minutes.
Its not clear what you have, are these retrofit led tubes fitted into older fluorescent fittings.
Personally i dont like them, mainly the led has to be compatible with the old fluorescent control, alternatively the old gear is removed.
In my view easier and more reliable to get a proper led batten fitting to start with
Both are LED batten fittings not converted fluorescent ones.
Can you post a pic of the whole of the fitting internally, its not clear what that white wire is doing, though dont seem right even for a mains voltage retrofit tube.
What make is this fitting, it looks an accident waiting to happen if someone ever fitted a fluorescent tube
Both are LED batten fittings not converted fluorescent ones.
Unfortunately theres some unscrupulous dealers using old stock housings, converting them poorly and selling as Led, recent legislation has stopped a lot of them but some still are about
I will try and get better pictures. If it helps here is a link to the product. The white wire goes from one end/connection to the other.
it all seems a bit odd, i am not aware of any lamps that need to be wired with the Tombstones linked like yours.

I can only assume its designed maybe for Led tubes with a shorted end, if they exist so it transfers Live or Neutral back to the opposite end, thus L and N at one end
Though this could, maybe dependant, on how the lamp is fitted, as regards it operating correctly
I would also have expected the white wire fitted with a fused canister

What lamps are you using, maybe that will help
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To flash after being on for some time points to faulty tubes, may be over heating, basic it is a fluorescent fitting with the ballast removed, the tubes are marked 230 volt, but with the ballast in place they would be running on a reduced voltage, so it is possible they are getting too hot, I also had a converted fluorescent fitting in old house, when I could not buy 65 watt tubes any more, and the tube 24 watt was short lived, replaced with 22 watt and it worked until son replaced it.

Can it be used with the cover off to see if when cooler the tubes work?

I went to screwfix site where I got both of my tubes, but 5 foot LED no longer listed. I wonder why?

You are talking about when switched on, flashing when switched off can be caused by the inductance linking of long runs to two way switching, and you can stop that with a load capacitor.

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