LED or Plasma TV??? Sky or Virgin?!

28 Oct 2011
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United Kingdom
Okay so I have finally finished a DIY job that lasted a 'little' longer than expected (3 weeks longer to be exact, but then when don't things take longer than expected!).

I am now looking at the final touches... namely 42inches of wide screen viewing pleasure :D

I checked what HD channels I can get here: http://www.digitalchoices.co.uk/hd-tv/hd-coverage-checker.html and it says I can get Freeview HD (Which seems a bit lame... 4 channels! Is this normal, or just because of my area?) and also Sky & Virgin. So my first issue, is whether I should go for a Sky package, or a Virgin one.

I am mainly interested in Movies and HD sports... I am not too worried about the movies being in HD to be honest, it is more the sports I like to watch in HD ;)

Do any of your guys know which service is better for HD sports? Sky or Virgin?

My last question is about the TV its self. I don't know whether I should go with a Plasma screen, or an LED.

To be honest, I am not really worried about things like power consumption as we have solar panels on the roof, and it really does seem to kick out enough for us.

My main concern is that I don't actually know the difference between LED TV's and Plasma ones. I just wondered if any of you guys know which is best, mainly in terms of a nice, crisp HD image, that is good for fast action sports viewing?

Awaiting your replies eagerly, as I have a 42" shaped gap on my newly skimmed and painted stud wall :D

EDIT: This is the TV that has caught my eye, I just don't know if Plasma is the best type for what I want? - http://www.amazon.co.uk/LG-42PA4500-42-inch-Plasma-Freeview/dp/B007K4V2DI/
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Have both types and prefer plasma, you can get current HD channels with a HD freeview tv.Don't think either Virgin or Sky HD are worth the extra money.
Prefer the Samsung plasma , all support video thru usb port and mine has ethernet port for streaming movies.
Having said that just bought a 40" Sharp led for spare room which supports recording direct to usb drive and was only £300 + £10 voucher.[Argos]
If you've got the budget, the latest high LED TVs are very very good.
In a different league to the budget ranges.
Had nothing but problems with Sky+ HD had 12 boxes replaced in less than two years.
With Virgin now for my TV,Phone and Broadband got the new TiVo box in the living room it can record 3 channels at once even while you watch a recorded programme, We also have an extra box for the bedroom that only cost an extra £6 a month.

The service has been very reliable and we dont suffer from the blue screen "no satellite signal" in heavy wind and rain. The big plus with Virgin is the service calls are free and they replace faulty boxes with brand new.

Tv wise i uograded from a 40" Samsung LCD to a 50" Panasonic plasma and the quality of picture is much better.
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I would say Sky+ and the Samsung 60" .. the tv maybe a little on the expensive side but my god doesn't it have an effect when watching movies or watching your partner play call of duty :evil: ..

finishing touches defiantly makes your room .. from plants,pictures and sofas

another great finish touch is of course the essential window blinds :)

at the moment there are great deals " 50% OFF made to measure blinds"

the adviser will arrange a best possible time to come round and measure up .. perhaps once your new tv has been mounted to the wall ???

nothing worse than that tv light glare :)

Good Luck

Grace Jones
got 1080p plasma and lcds.

the plasma by far gives the best picture, i have yet to see "artifacts" on the plasma, one of my mates has a lcd, he also thinks my plasma picture is much better then his lcd.
hi. having read the comments above, i cant tell you what to buy. What i will recommend is to remember the size of the room that the tv is in. Too many people in 2-up, 2-down terraces buy a 65" tv and sit there like an owl watching a tv screen that looks hideous in that room.

Everyone has their own opinions regarding sky and virgin. Are you in an area that can receive both/either? They are as good as each other, but Sky would have the best sport I suppose.

Budget is the biggest factor for anyone. personally I would recomend a mid budget Panasonic ( dont forget you can get freesat on a lot of them.)

It is up to you. have a look at the tvs in a shop. see how far they will protrude from the wall with the bracket etc. Check them for connectivity at the rear. avoid unnecessary bracket attatchments etc.

No one can tell you what to buy, just help with your decision.

Hope it helps.

If you have virgin. It is my view that the quality is that good I cant even be bothered to select the free HD.
I did notice a differece watching tenis, in as much as you could se the net sharper.
I thing people rave(d) about HD, now its nothing special.

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