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15 Oct 2013
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United Kingdom

Hopefully a quick question:

I am reconstructing my floor (as on another thread recently). I am re-using the brick joist pockets, so the joist levels are fixed. The floor was partially supported at 1/2 span on a masonry sleeper wall, and I will have a butt joint for each new joist on that wall.

I have had to take off a course of bricks and replace with a wood wall plate (2 x 4 kiln dried) on the sleeper wall. To get the right levels, I will then need to push each joist up by 5 - 30 mm on top of the wall plate. Any suggestions on what to use for this?

(Wall plate is on an extra thick dpm, and strapped down. I don't have enough time for mortar to cure on this).
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Get yourself a load of timber packers ranging between the two sizes mentioned, in increments of say 2 mm, fit packer(s) as required...pinenot :)
Thanks. I was saying I don't have time for mortar to cure, but i do have a couple days---three before the plywood subfloor goes down. would this be enough for a ground floor? I was thinking of the old 7 day strength for concrete...
At the possible thickness your suggesting i.e. 30 mm, there will be parts of mortar that may not dry sufficiently in my opinion. There are several polymer additives that may help, you'll need to do a bit of research on that I'm afraid...pinenot :)
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Have re-measured using string lines. The mortar joint will be 15 to 22 mm thick, presumably split above and below a dpm. Is that a bit better? I'll keep the mortar on the dry side...

I will still need to shim a couple. Thinking of using steel mending plates with building adhesive. If I need something thicker, I'll use slate tiles.
Yes, just don't put any retardant (dobry) in the mix...pinenot :)
ive just put wall plates on three houses today ready for the joiners to put trusses on tomorrow(if the weathers good)

alot of 4x2 that gets delivered on site is bent like bananas so the mortar joint varies from 10mm-40mm

your ok to work on it the next day,,,,,wet or dry mortar will go off over night,,,,has done since ive been in the trade
alot of 4x2 that gets delivered on site is bent like bananas so the mortar joint varies from 10mm-40mm

You should learn how to bed a level house plate to a line fellow and not put 30mm bumps and hollows in the roof.
oldun :rolleyes:

lay a wall plate to a line,,,,,,,,,,,,hahahahahaha

i know alot of people on the internet like to pick out faults to make themselves feel like they know it all and on top of others but its comments like these above that make me laugh

ive put hundreds of wall plates on fellow,,,,,,joiners have never had a problem putting a straight roof on

tricks of the trade my friend,,,,,,,,,you might want to learn a few before you act all high and mighty ;)
Some trowels use a line, others a level, some just stick it on. However you do it, if it's warped it won't be spot on everywhere..
tricks of the trade my friend,,,,,,,,,you might want to learn a few before you act all high and mighty ;)

We do not think so Lad. We started in this industry in 1952, and reckon we have forgot more tricks than you have ever learned.

We go out of our way to help people out and will only criticise some Flash Gordons post who clearly does not know what he is talking about.

At a rough guess you were a monkey carrier who bought a Simon Cowell and went field ranging calling his self a trowel hand. How many times you been through the hole in the hedge Lad?

Keep bodging and scarpering fellow.
oldun :LOL:
started in the trade in 1952,,,,,,,,,,,,so your 60-70 odd and your trolling people online

ive helped out in this thread if you check my post,,,,,,and you decide to be a funny bugger,,really hope you feel big and clever,,lol
If he's 70,it means he was 8 when he started on the trowel. Might needs to brush upon your maths a bit LL :LOL:

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