Lifting the carpet

10 Jul 2012
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United Kingdom

We've been living here over 20 years without replacing the carpet in the hall, stairs, and landing. It's looking very tired indeed, and is even a little dangerous near the dining room door, so it's time for it to go, but we can't afford new carpet.

Still, I'm thinking I might go ahead and get rid since we have some creaky stairs to fix (not all can be reached from the cupboard under the stairs - might start a separate thread for this!), and the skirting boards and banisters need a lick of paint (another thread!?)

My fledgling plan is:
  1. Lift and dispose of the carpet on the stairs and the landing.
  2. As it's still winter, leave the carpet in the hall...for now.
  3. Paint over the woodwork (the lazy way: straight over the top, even though there's much in the way of nicks and dents. I just don't think I have the inclination/skills/tools to strip it down first)
  4. Perform any other sundry repairs to floorboards
So, what's my question(s)?

Well, I suppose I'd like some input on what I should watch out for.
  1. Might it be extra draughty even leaving the hall carpet in place?
  2. If we decide the floorboards look OK, what might we need to do to make them OK to actually walk on (temporarily I could buy a roll of the leftover carpet the local shop has going cheap outside their shop front)?
  3. Am I naive?
Thanks in advance

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