Light fitting buzz

I added the extra earth cable, the buzz still persists.

I'll try to find where that screw goes.

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Well…there may be wires there with nice green and yellow sleeving covering a copper conductor. But is it actually connected to earth?
As its not fitted on the light fitting, it looks like its been snipped back so my guess is the earth may not be carried throughout. Nice fixing on the back box to looks like a single nail into brick
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I added the extra earth cable, the buzz still persists.

The need to earth the switch was an entirely separate issue to you buzz at the light. I suggested adding the wire, as it is a requirement for your safety.
Late to the party again, but regarding that wire at the ceiling position in the earth terminal....
It looks like a brown insulated conductor. Or is it bare copper?
Can you check continuity between that and a socket earth terminal?
When I said I was looking how to find out, I meant I was googling how to test it.

I'll get a continuity test done tomorrow.

I've got the right gear to do it.
Thank you all for the help so far. It's appreciated a lot.
It's been a busy week, so just got round to this.

The first thing I tried was the continuity test, but my multimeter wasn't playing ball. Maybe it's not sensitive enough.

Then I tried using my tone generator for tracing wires. I placed it on live and earth. Which worked in the kitchen but nowhere else. Maybe it doesn't work well in that application.

Then I opened up all the switches and light fittings and inspected all the wiring. I found loose wires and ones connected that didn't make sense. There were two black wires twisted together separate from everything else, I separated them and isolated them.

So I isolated all the loose wires, cleaned everything, took notes about what I had done and put everything back together.

The buzz has gone now.

But I am concerned about the electrics, the upstairs light switch definitely has no earth on it.

I'm going to do more research and invest in some equipment to sort this out.

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