Lining paper nightmares

4 Dec 2003
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United Kingdom
When I paint over my lined walls the paper bubbles up and comes away. To be honest I don't think the decorator did a great job when he prepared the walls and lined them. I just wondered if I could apply something to seal the paper to the walls, or if I would be best advised to use/avoid particular paints?
Thanks for any advice.
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Without having to start again the easiest solution will be to take a fresh Stanley knife blade and cut a cross in the bubble to release the trapped air and then carefully peel back the corners and using a small paintbrush appply some border adhesive and then smooth the paper back down from the edge to the centre of the cut.You may then need to use some Fine Surface Filler to smooth over the cut and sand down with the finest sandpaper you can get. It should then repaint and look fine.

You will probably find it will shrink back to normal as the paint dries out...

I did say probably! :D
Thanks for the replies guys. Looks like I'm just going to have to battle on with this. I'm having to use the border adhesive all over the place - surely it shouldn't be coming away from the walls this much. I will never use lining paper again, much better to prepare the walls properly and apply paints directly. I just wonder whether the decorator didn't do something right/missed a step.
Thanks again.
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I personally lurve lining paper!

I guess if the decorator didn't soak the paper enough, or clean the walls prior, or didn't size the walls, or...

Are you brushing the paint on???

Pads are very good on lined walls, and don't tend to soak the paper to much.

Failing that, ring the guy up and BE NICE! If he's good, he might put things right if they are that bad. One disgruntled customer and all that... Conscientious workers are out there. But getting stroppy will get you nowhere!

I don't think in this case he would be at all interested, it was too long ago now. Just going to put this down to experience.

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