Locating a condensing Combi + Advice please

24 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
I have a 3 bed detached house and want to convert my system to a condensing combi one. I need one with an output of about 20kW and want to locate it in the garage.
Anyone any advice on a boiler which would be suited to garage due to the temp being cold?
Any advice would be helpful before I get plumbers in for quotes, that way I have an idea.
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Just had a look through the tech info and it states not for external use would that include a garage as it can drop to minus temp in winter
A garage is not classed as external.
I'm pretty sure that it will have inbuilt frost protection but even if it didn't a frost thermostat is all you need.
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I agree with scatman, actually no need to agree a garage is not classed as external.

try to keep away form 24kW combis as they are a bit gutless (you can get a 40kW now!!!)

also check your pressure and flow rate of your mains supply, if you can piddle faster you are going to hate a combi.
Be aware also about flueing regulations regarding neighbours boundary htg engineer will advise you. Regarding blr worcester greenstar or vaillant ecomax are both good reliable boiler but if you dont want to wait ages for a bath then don't get a 24 kw blr
we were going to get ours put in the attic at first but then changed our mind and are putting it in the airing cubboard now (has no external wall so have to go out through the roof thats why we thought of the attic at first)

when we were looking to put it in the attic both baxi and WB have built in frost protection so putting it in the garage would be fine. Like people have said don't get a boiler with low power output as you may regret it - i'm going for a 28kw and have a 3 bed semi. The WB Junior 28i which i'm getting has a decent flow rate and has built in frost protection

I'm sure most boilers now have the frost protection
8) I`m now refusing to fit smaller output combis, all that happens is that the moment weather turns cold along with incoming cooler water temp, customer starts moaning about poor hot water delivery.
mmmm doesnt the frost protection in them just protect the boiler by circulating the water within it leaving the pipework vunerable ( I am probably wrong and would like to be put straight :) )

Must say I would like to take your attitude perrot but i am just the poor smoo who puts them in, and SHOCK HORROR I know this may come as a shock to you all so i advise after reading the next line you all sit down, take deep breathes untill the woosyness goes away :) )clients sometimes dont want to pay the money for a better boiler and just want a cheap one ;) )
Garage might be convenient position for now, but a bit of a pain when you waiting for the shower/ bath to heat up. Is it a very long run to the kitchen/bathroom? And personally I prefer the warmth of a kitchen when I'm servicing! :D


Milk, no sugar ta.
gasmarkone said:
personally I prefer the warmth of a kitchen when I'm servicing!
Maybe I'm just not very imaginative, but I'd prefer to do it in the bedroom.
goooba769 go for a 28KW at the minimum otherwise you'll be disappointed. My sister in law had a combi in her old house and the power output was too little. It took a while for hot water to come through, flow rate was crap and after a while the hot water would cool down if a tap was run for a long time.

Spend a couple of hundred quid more (if that) and get a bigger boiler ;)

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