Lockable metal IP65 box outside?

1 Sep 2008
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United Kingdom
As my cars have barely turned a wheel since the lockdown, I've been using a battery maintenance charger to top the batteries off, but probably not as often as I should.

I'd like to fit the charger in a weatherproof enclosure near the cars so I do it more often, and because I need to select different modes for the AGM and "normal" batteries I need to be able to access the charger easily. As the charger was about £100 I'd also like to be able to lock it away from casual thieves.

I've previously used two types of outdoor plastic enclosure, one where the lid is screwed into place (too much effort to access the charger controls) and one where the lid clips down and there is a plastic hoop to put a padlock through (any penknife could slice through the hoop, so doesn't even stop casual thieves pinching the charger).

I saw on TLC there are metal IP65 enclosures that user a locker-type lock - whilst this will keep the weather out, will it quickly end up looking rusty and horrible? This sort https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/CMSB302015.html
Also, any recommendations on how to modify it so it can be locked with or without a cable dangling out the bottom? My immediate thought was to cut a half-round hole and use half a 20mm grommet but there must be a more elegant solution that replicates the soft cable-entry gaskets that the plastic boxes have.

Any other suggestions gratefully received. Box needs to be approx 20cm x 30cm x 10cm to house the charger and bundled-up cables.
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you might consider a wall-mounted meter cabinet. Although not secure, they are so common that they can hide in plain sight.

Inside, you can screw things to the wall if you want, either your charger or another, stronger box. I imagine the charger needs circulation.
Can you not shut the charger under the bonnet or inside the car?

You can charge through the cigarette lighter or power point if suitable

If your charger is too big for under bonnet, a modern smaller smart charger will likely not cost more than the planned box.

Solar trickle charger?
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It only retains its IP rating as it stands, if you start drilling or cutting holes you will loose the ip rating unless you use a suitable gland or seal.
While the box is OK, the plastic lock supplied with it is not, it can be opened with a big screwdriver or the correct key that is available at Tesco's for 99p.
Even the barrel lock you can buy for it is pretty crap, these can be raked in seconds.

Put a hasp and staple on it and use a good padlock (not a cheapo).
Use damn good fixings to mount it, not just little screws as the buggers will just rip it off the wall.
Throw it around the place and scuff it up, make it look old and battered before fitting so it does not look appealing :)
Personally I would just locate the charger inside the engine compartment.
One alternative might be a plastic IP box within a more secure metal (non iPad) one
Thanks all, that gives me quite a bit to consider. That's one of the things I love about DIYnot, you ask how to achieve Plan A but then the hive-mind reveals there's also a Plan B and a Plan C that might work better or be easier!

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