Looking for some wall/chimney stack removal advice.....

30 Jun 2017
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United Kingdom
Hey everyone, just looking for some advice/thoughts.

I recently knocked down a brick dividing wall to merge the kitchen/dining room. I made sure it wasn't load bearing to begin with and checked the ceiling beams all ran parallel to the wall.

Just to be safe I left the ends in at either side and now I'm here to ask if you think its safe to remove these also.


In the below image one of the ceiling beams runs along top of the wall but it doesn't appear to actually be supported by the wall itself as it continues through onto the central wall between the Diner/Living room, every other beam in the ceiling before this has no support and spans the same length afterall.



The below image is taken from the other side in what was the kitchen. The ceiling beams in here sit on the wall but not the part which I am looking to remove.


The below image is side on, where the wall i have removes originally was


Below are the bricks on the other side I left that I want to remove, am I right in thinking these can be cut off leaving the wall flush? My only thought is might they be providing lateral support? it seems there used to be a doorway here which is the reason for them not being staggered.


My second question is regarding adding a lintel into a fireplace/chimney stack to provide a nice area for a range cooker.

I'm wondering can the lintel span the whole length of the wall edge to edge or will it want some bricks leaving in either side...


Thanks everyone any help or feedback is greatly appreciated.
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I'm afraid that I'm getting tired but I'll have a go at your questions.

To answer your second question:

Your builders opening dimensions in the c/breast must be to the installation instructions supplied with the appliance.
Typically, this will leave you with two sturdy brick legs on either side of the opening width. You must leave them in place.
You seem to be on the money for height: approx 1700mm to 1800mm from the hearth to the bottom of the lintel.
The lintel spans the builders opening plus approx. 150mm bearing at either side.

FWIW: remember to run a gas supply and elec feeds for the cooker & extractor.
And think about the ext. venting arrangements.

The projecting bricks can be cut off flush with the wall.

In the pics, just how steady is the short panel of brickwork forming a wall/support for some of the meeting/crossing joists?
That short 4" wall is providing bearing for the joists: "the beams join here and continue over the hall".
It may also be taking some loading from the stairs?

Do not remove the nib of leftover brickwork.
Wedge the top bricks against the joists - just enough to feel firm.
It might be best to think about bricking up the doorway from the hall to the kitchen - that would firm up the wall.

But, to be safe, you really need experienced eyes on site.
Thanks for the reply vinn, its very much appreciated. Also thankyou for the heads up about the gas/elec feeds!!

Is this what you meant for the chimney breast...


I also revealed some more of the brickwork today near the section of wall im looking to remove, not sure if this makes my situation any different, what appears to be taking most of the load is the central vertical length of wood between the two openings seen below...



Thanks again any feedback is much appreciated.
Dont remove anything else until you have had an experienced person on site.

FWIW: My suggestion was to maybe brick up the other doorway.

The chimney breast builders opening must be to the Appliance Mfr's dimensions.
If the lintel has to go from one side of the c/breast to the other (like in your pic) then you will need a couple of Acrow Strong Boys.
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Ok vinn thanks again for the reply, I shall concede and get some expert advice in :).

Its a shame about the opening needing to be to the appliance mfr's dimensions as it would mean choosing a range way before even choosing the rest of the kitchen, would be good to be able to go as wide as possible then it would cater for any size. It seems most range cookers are around 90cm - 110cm wide, the breast itself is just about 150cm so hopefully should be able to pull it off, ill just have to pick one I like.

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