M14 Monobloc Tap Tails

26 Feb 2022
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United Kingdom
I've had a new kitchen fitted but kept my old Franke sink and monobloc tap, approximately 15 years old. The fitter has had to leave the taps disconnected as he wasn't able to find tails suitable for the tap. It has an M14 female thread whereas M12 or M10 are all that are available. Can anyone suggest where I can find flexible or rigid M14 tails or alternatively an M14 to M12 adapter that would allow the use of an M12 tail. He wrecked the old tails getting them off so I can't reuse them.
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Not aware of any, won't the old sink and taps look old and dated with the new units?

Not really, it's a perfectly good sink unit with matching tap, really want to keep it.
Contact Franke perhaps. They have spares available for taps but the tails all seem to be M12.
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I have already contacted them and unfortunately they no longer supply anything with M14 connections. I've tried every combination of search but can't even find an M14 to M12 adapter. Although the existing tails aren't reusable I suppose I could cut the ends off, fit new o rings and go from pipe to pipe. It would be nice to have new tails though.
Are you sure the existing tails are beyond use? Can they not even be shortened, just leaving enough copper for a connection to be made?
That is an option, probably the only one. There must be M14 tails somewhere though, the sink isn't that old. Someone probably has a stash somewhere, just not online.
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1. I think you'd be very lucky to find M14 connectors. Lunns list them, but they are over £25 each, and available in store only.
2. I don't think you'll get an M14 to M12 adaptor, as the minor diameter of a male M14 thread is only just over 12 mm, so there would be virtually nothing for the M12 to thread into.
3. You might find an M14 to M10 adaptor, but it is not a plumbing part so would not be WRAS approved. It would also restrict the water flow.
4. You might try accurately measuring the outside diameter of the pipe coming from the M14 part in your second photograph. If this a standard copper pipe size (10 or 12 mm - 15 mm would be ideal but unlikely) you could try:
4a. Taking the O ring off the threaded part.
4b. Unsoldering the existing pipe.
4c. Soldering in a length of suitable pipe.
4d. You would need some sort of adaptor to go from the new pipe to 15 mm.
4e. Replace the O ring on the fitting.
5. The tap tails are usually soft copper. If you can only get half hard pipe in 10 or 12, you can anneal it by heating to red hot and letting it cool or quenching in water.
Thanks. I did call Lunns but they said nothing was available. I will try to use the existing fittings as suggested, seems to be the only option.
Nothing wrong with those tails.
A new o ring, cut the old nut off and you're ready to go.
Yes I think that's the answer. Thing is he could have removed them without the damage, he just assumed the M12 tails would have fitted.

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