Making a Shower Curtain Rail

7 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom

I am looking for ideas on what materials to use to make a DIY version of a shower curtain rail. I can not use a bought one, as the end of the bath is right under the middle of the window.

The curtain rail could be bent into shape, possibile something like a (pls bear w me and imagine the bends etc):

---- ----- ---- Shower --------- wall
| head '
| '
| ' <-window starts here
| | '
| | '
\___shower curtain____/ '
------------------------------- '
^bath tub '
So it goes completely round 2 sides, and part of the third, nearest the window.

Any suggestions on what materials, how to hang it would be great.

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you can actually buy a flexible shower rail that you could bend into whatever configuration you want then it also hangs on ceiling brackets as well most good plumbers merchants will carry these in stock. and curtains to go with it. u could bend it into a complete horse shoe to cover where you need it if i've understood your drawing correctly.
Thanks for the tip.

I have now found some, but they are already bent, and are costing almost £100! :evil:

Would it be possible to make them? Perhaps buying piping, and then bending to fit (I will be having a plumber in to fit the bathroom)?

You can make it with 15mm copper piping, polish it well, use brass fittings at the ends & perhaps a single support wire to the ceiling in the middle of the U shape?

That way you can make it to almost any shape you desire/can manage to do.

In a previous house the previous owner had used copper piping to make the window curtain rails & they did look very effective.
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would the problem of copper pipe for shower curtain be one of how do you suspend the pipe?

curtain pole easy, fixing at either end, one in the middle

shower curtain, cant do that how do you get past the mddles with the curtain?

:idea: (use two curtains :evil: )
There, you have answered it yourself. :D

If you look around, AFAIK you can get fittings that are supposed to be used inside wardrobes to hold the coat bar for the ends & suspend the middle with a single wire through the pipe.

Of course, a complete system where the screen can be pulled all the way around will be better, but if its not available to suit the dimensions then thees stuffed :D
but if it has a wire in the middle you cant get anything past it
Did I say it was a perfect plan?

Didn't you say "use 2 curtains" ?

If the OP is stuck its an option is all, one that has been DIY'd :D

Of course its much better to buy a purpose made system, but if one cannot be found.....
Thanks for all the advice guys.

I do like the idea of chrome copper piping, but i think it wld be quite tricky to hang from the ceiling. And of course would cost additional "working out time" from the plumber.

I have found since I last typed a note, 2 relatively reasonable priced bendy rails:

So, all in all, I will probably go for the later one for £30-40.

Thanks once again
M :p

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