Megaflow popping noise, when boiler is heating water

6 Apr 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone, I’m hoping someone will be able to help me out with an issue I have with my Megaflo -

Every time, when the boiler is heating the water (programmer is set to have the boiler on for a couple of hours in the morning and evening) I get this popping noise, it sounds as if its coming inside the cylinder (some form of expansion) Ive uploaded a recording regarding the popping/donk noise which can be observed towards the beginning and end of the recording.

I’d like to explain that we have a lead pipe that comes into our property, which then goes onto a 15mm pipe, which in turn connecrs to the 22mm cold feed into the cylinder, we have booked in a moling company to replace the lead pipe with 25mm MDPE leading right up to the 22mm pipe.

The cylinder was installed last year so Baxi have come out and looked at the cylinder, the engineer has replenished the air gap and has advised me to call them out again, if the issues continues post new MDPE pipe install.

link to recording - Recording.mp3
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