Meter box wiring to house cutout

24 Feb 2007
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United Kingdom

Is this meter box wiring route into the wall acceptable?

Its a new build house, should the wiring out be through a rubber gromet or sealed?

Water is also ingressing?

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Fairly standard Friday afternoon job. No grommet etc required. I'd want that hole to be filled with something.

But first:
Where is the water coming from?. It shouldnt be in the cavity....
Fairly standard botch job by builders on new homes.

Get in touch with who built it
It;s rubbish.

Meter boxes have a specific marked place for the cables - bashing a hole in the side is not that.
Cables should pass directly across the cavity in a suitable duct or sleeve. Not be trailed through randomly where they are likely to be damaged.
Water should not be entering via the cavity at all. Suggests further problems elsewhere.
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It is very sloppy running the tails through the top or side of a meter box.

They should go through the bottom, to reduce the risk of water entering.
Thanks for the replies, I'll raise it with the developer Bellway.
I can't see anywhere obvious water is getting through.

Nothing surprises me with the build quality .... the whole house is full of this standard of workmanship.
It`s always amazed me to the point it never does (does that make sense?).
I`ve always thought that "newbuilds" (say 20 years old-ish) have really crap electrics amongst other things.
The workmanship is often appalling and I`d be surprised if more than 1 in 20 actually get tested at all and the other 19 or so in the batch often get copied results from the "tested" one.
\that hole in the box reminds me of some builder types - you know the ones, you see a wall and think it looks like they stood at the back of a room and thrown plaster at the far wall then skimmed the plaster with the back of a shovel.

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