Mice in the pub?

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That's not true.
We bought an old house in Norfolk with the intention of living it while building a replacement in the garden.

The mice would come out of the walls in the evening to watch the tv with us while the rats clog danced in the roof to whatever we were watching.

When we pulled the old house down we found the skeletal remains of several rats. Some with a little bllody tissue still attached where their mates hadn't quite finished eating them.
green traps are very limited in usefulness

my girlfriend is a vegan and won't kill anything
her brother does pest control

Live trapped mice can navigate one mile home, so they have to be taken further for release.
Dunno if they get lost or are more likely to be killed on the longer journey

I've had more success with a trap that catches them live. However , the trap needs to be checked probably more than once a day as a mouse will very quickly die in one . As I understand it's something to do with having a fast metabolism so they will die of starvation or dehydration quite soon. If you do catch one alive I agree that they need taking a considerable distance before release. I loaned my trap to a customer who caught one a day for a fortnight and released them in a field on the other side of the road but I'm convinced she was catching the same mouse over and over again.
Years ago in Hong Kong I was down Wanchai having some scran after an evening of heavy drinking. On the next table were some lads from the Scots Guards. They were taking bets that one of their own wouldn't eat the dish they had just bought. ...........stir fried whole baby mice in a spicy sauce with rice (if it's got a pulse the Chinese will eat it). Said lad did indeed woof down his meal. He gagged a few times but swallowed the lot for the bet. He did say that the tails got stuck in his teeth.
That's right about their weak bladders where it is a problem particularly in pub cellars. Imagine them dribbling all over the bottles of beer and then you get all the hard men drinking straight from the bottle. :eek:
I think rats eat mice. Might be the other way round? No mice if you have rats coz they all got eaten?!
My understanding too - they will not cohabit.

Of course, if the building is big enough, but then that wouldn't really be cohabiting.....
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