Mice in the pub?

26 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
Last night in the central London pub there were about three mice running around the bar area.

A lady with us was a little phased by this. The staff seemed unsurprised and unconcerned.

I was not bothered by the mice myself but thought that it may well be something of a health issue as the pub serves food.

Not going to complain to anyone as I see little risks but wondered what others think?

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They obviously have a pest control issue and they are a health hazard in a food preparation environment.

If a health inspector saw them, they would go on the report, the landlord would have to deal with the issue and the inspector would return at a later date to check the issue had been dealt with.

Plus, they are an issue where the fabric of the building, wiring and plumbing are concerned.

Out in the sticks you might expect them to appear more often but the Smoke?

Sure they are not rats?!
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They were very tiny grey mice.

Seemed to run at 30 mph though! But their spec says a top speed of 8.1 mph.

If they are such a health issue why were the staff so unconcerned? They did not even make any attempt at an apology!

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Pub need a cat (s) I could hire out Skippy & Jones for a fee ??

neither of them take prisoners :)
If the mice were healthy then the food was probably not too toxic.

And provided no mouse dis-appeared while your food was being cooked you wouldn't have eaten mouse....

Now Rat a chewey is something else.
Out in the sticks you might expect them to appear more often but the Smoke?
No so sure about that anymore, esp considering what an easy meal mice and rats get through our litter dumping in towns and cities.
And apparently, city mice have bigger brains than countryside ones so they're smarter too!! :)
One on the table suggested they got a cat.

But they said they preferred a green trap which did not kill them.
Mice are a risk. They crap everywhere.

Thanks for pointing that out, I forgot. They leave behind around 80 faecal pellets as they move around.

People say that mice are incontinent. They actually urinate on purpose, marking their territory.
Don't they urinate on the bottles stored in the cellar so if you drink from the bottle you're getting mouse p*ss with your lager. Might improve the taste though.
green traps are very limited in usefulness

my girlfriend is a vegan and won't kill anything
her brother does pest control

Live trapped mice can navigate one mile home, so they have to be taken further for release.
Dunno if they get lost or are more likely to be killed on the longer journey
I suppose they could get home from further away if they use a bus!
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