Miele Tumble Dryer not Heating up.


Ok just been onto the link and ordered that part, hopefully here monday.

Out of interest what is an ntc? I like to know how things work so what is the difference between the thermostat i have ordered and the longer probe type which is mounted next to it?

I take it I should not plug it back in until i fit the new thermostat, ie if i just joi the wires should it heat up?

many thanks
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I have followed the link and ordered the part which i hope should be here on Monday.

As i like to know how things work, what is an ntc? What is the difference between the part I have ordered and the longer probe type of thermostat?

Am i able to just join the wires to check it heats up without the thermostat I have just removed? ie is it dangerous?

Many thanks
An NTC is a Negative Temperature Coefficient thermistor (when it gets hot its resistance drops). It is the opposite of a PTC (positive temperature coefficient thermistor) its resistance increases when warmed. The NTC provides information to the pcb. Whereas a thermostat is purely a safety device. I would never advise you to short out the thermostat leads & run the machine. But yes your thinking in that respect is correct, it would heat. Definitely not recommended....unless you want to burn your house down :eek:

thank you for the advice, i was just going to check it did actually heat up which would prove it was the only fault, ps got sore fingers now been banging that thing so hard, still not reading!! think its well and truely broken. OK will play safe and wait until new part arrives and fit. I take it it does not matter which way round i attach the wires when it arrives? ie there is not a + and -?
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It doesn't matter which way the leads go. If you only want to run a quick test by shorting out the leads then make sure they are insulated with electrical tape & can't touch the frame. For goodness sake don't use the machine in this condition...park it safely up until you get the part.
Zipper, you are a star, thank you so much for helping me in this. I will post when it arrives to hopefully confirm all ok (I hope so anyway!)

How can I thank you so it registers on the site?

PS I work in the building trade so if you ever need any help let me know.

Kind Regards
Thanks for the offer, can you come & lay a 100 square meters of paving stones?
Just kidding, no thanks necessary :LOL:
Hi Zipper

Part arrived and all fitted and back together all working fine.

However as it has been out ie not stacked whilst I have been testing I have just noticed the rear plate gets so hot cant even touch it and worryingly the plug and first 6 inches of the lead get hot too? is this right?

many thanks
No...it doesn't sound right at all.
If the plug, cable, or socket get that hot (or the heater element doesn't cycle out) then something is amiss. The hot cable could be caused by a partially broken wire in the mains cable, sealed plug, or even a problem with the socket outlet. If the heater doesn't cycle out one of the NTC's may not be working correctly.
Sorry what do you mean by cycle out? It completes the programme ok and washing is dry. Just that the plug and wire is hot? Is the metal back plate supposed to be hot too?
The heater element cycles in (and out) during a drying cycle. It isn't active the whole time. A thermostat & 2 NTC's govern the element function via the pcb. The back of a tumble dryer does get warm. If anything goes wrong the 175C thermostat should cut the supply voltage to the element. You mentioned that the plug & cable get hot....this is not normal & you should get it checked out. You are there & I am here...so unfortunately I can't feel how hot things actually get.
I would say definately too hot. The wire went very soft in first 6 inches from theheat, I think it sounds like it is constantly heating. When it went to the 15 min cooling down period the wire cooled.
Get the socket & plug checked out.
It is impossible to guess when the element is active & how many watts it pulls. Buy yourself a plug in meter & check its consumption through a cycle http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_f...plug+in+power+meter&_sacat=See-All-Categories Many Miele dryers have a 1.95/2.65kW element, this is somewhat larger than many other makes. At 2.65kW it would pull around 10 amps, if you have a bad plug/socket/cable local heating will occur. You could try the dryer in another socket & see if the same happens. This would eliminate a socket problem. The 175C safety thermostat will trip & cut the element if it overheats, that is why it is there.

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