Miele W404plus washing machine

1 Feb 2010
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United Kingdom
My Miele W404Plus washing machine has stopped working and both the inlet and drainage lights are flashing. According to the instruction book this means the automatic cutout system has operated and there is a leak. Is there any point in checking the inlet valves? (I have checked the drainage) Is there any way of seeing where the water is and draining it? (by tilting the machine etc)
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to check for a leak is straight forward, have a look in the base or tilt backwards as you said
it would help if you could describe what happens after switching on.
i.e does water enter etc etc
Thanks for picking his up.
On switching on, the lights appear including the flashing inlet and drainage lights but no water enters the machine and nothing happens. The Miele call centre suggested I should check the inlet but I do not see the point as the 2 flashing lights are supposed to indicate that the cut off mechanism has kicked in. Am I wrong? And where do I check for water?
first thing is to check the aqua stop inlet valve & the drain pump

ALWAYS make sure power is off before you start. Always have a quick look in the basel for signs of a leak

next is (power on again)

switch on to a cold rinse setting

listen for the drain pump , this is the part which has a fan attached to it and leads to the waste hose

also where the aqua stop fastens on to the cold water mains just just place your hand on the grey box , it should vibrate

i'll attach pics to help you distinguish each part
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I can hear the drain pump when switched to cold rinse but I am not sure how to locate the aqua stop inlet valve.
Hello Cakeman: I have checked the drainage and inlet. I also tilted the machine and about a litre of water came out and the machine now works. Presumably the water protection system had kicked because the base tray had filled. As it now works, do I need an engineer to see where the leak came from or could water accumulate in some other way? Could the water which came out be from somewhere else as I understand some water is always present in the machine? I hae an enineer booked for Thurs afternoon and am wondering whether to cancel it.
run the machine about 3 or 4 times and keep a close eye on water in the base
if none collects then cancel

good work
well done :D :D

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