Miele w418sm washing machine red inlet light

27 Aug 2017
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United Kingdom
Evening All,

Really great website, and some very helpful people on here. I've genuinely looked through 8 pages of Miele washing machine problems, and cannot see a fix for my difficulty, so please forgive me if I've missed something obvious or already posted.

I have a Miele w418sm, which I changed the bearings on yesterday. I've put it back together and I'm getting a red inlet light coming on after 75 seconds of starting a new wash program. The drum is filling, and gets to about a third of the way up the glass. The washing program then stops and the water does not drain.

There is no leaking, and I've cleaned the filter, both at the pipe end, and into the inlet valve, and checked there is no kink in the inlet hose.

I'm a bit baffled, as it is clearly filling, but I don't understand why it then cuts out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Check you have plugged the black hose into the back of the control board.
Thanks Richard,

Is it a small (maybe 3mm diameter) rubber pipe, that fits into a white ring ?sensor? on the right hand side of the control board ?

If so, then yup. It was the one thing I did miss the first time I put it all back together again, and thought that I'd sorted it, but even after reconnecting it, and putting the machine back together, the red lightcame back on after 75 secs.
Yep, thats the one.

Check that you can blow air down that hose too.
If its blocked then it cannot sense the water level
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Cheers Richard,

Just checked it, and i was able to blow down it, and seems in pretty good condition.

Slight problem now is that there is no power to the machine. It won't even turn on now. I've checked the socket and changed the fuse in the plug and there's nothing.

I'll get my multimeter on it tomorrow, but I am now being hounded by my wife to get a new one, and fix this one in my spare time, so that she can get back to her two loads (minimum) a day.

It's so annoying, given that the fairly major job of changing the bearings was actually pretty easy in the end, if a bit expensive at £160 for the bearings, and I just don't want to have to write that off, and admit being beaten...
Is the door open?

Some models appear dead until the door is closed.
Is the hose connected at the bottom end?

You can peek by removing the seal retaining spring and peeling the seal back.
Evening Richard,

The machine is back on, and fills, but then the inlet light comes on after about 90 secs now.

It will not stop filling now, whereas the fill would cut out when the red inlet light illuminated before.

I have emptied it from the bottom waste trap, as it will not recognise the spin and drain programme I have been trying to put it on, as it just keeps filling.
I bit the bullet and bought a new one. The old one is in the garage and I'll probably change the control panel when I get to it, as I don't want to be £160 out fir the bearings AND £850 for the new machine !

Thanks so much to Richard for trying to help out. It is greatly appreciated, and you are a credit to the forum.

All the best,


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