Miele w842 washing machine - water problem


26 Apr 2016
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South Africa
Good day,
Please can you advise on the below.
I have a Miele w842 premier washing machine that starts to fill with water as soon as you switch the machine on (press the "on" switch). No program has been selected yet and the start button is not pressed.
I can confirm that the small pipe connected to the pressure switch is fine.
Has anyone else experienced the same problem ?
Kind Regards
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Sounds like the inlet valve is stuck open or has a permanent supply to it. Check to see if water still flows through it when it is disconnected.
Thanks for the reply - when I leave the machine "on" the water continues to flow through the inlet valve for about a minute or two (no program selected or started). After a while the inlet valves are automatically closed by the machine and the "check inlet" Led starts flashing. The machine automatically drains too much water to the outlet depending on the water level within the machine. When I switch the machine off for a minute and turn it on again the "check inlet" led is cleared but the same process mentioned above then repeats itself - water flowing through the inlet valve, stops after while with inlet led flashing ...
Could it perhaps be the electronic contoller board with a faulty pressure switch ?
Does the water come in at the normal fill rate or is it a dribble?

It is interesting in that the machine then figures it has "overfilled" and pumps out.
Is the dial in the 12 o'clock position when it is doing this funny-business?

Is the hose from the pressure vessel to the upper circuit board still attached?

What are the lights on the right indicating? Is it showing Anti-crease/End or something else?
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Thanks for the reply Richard.
Will be replacing the electronic PCB controller in the next two weeks to see if it solves the problem.
Will keep you posted.
Will be replacing the electronic board that has the pressure switch on it (T-Nr 448742).
One last question.
Did you blow down the black hose to see if the bottom is clogged?
(Power off of course)

Again the selector is at 12 o'clock to cancel any program that is attempting to run (It will continue to run if you turn it off and turn it on, the program can only be cancelled from the 12 position.)
Thanks Richard, the selector is set to 12 o'clock.
When I blow down the pipe I can hear air bubbles in water that is still in the machine.
The behavior has changed since I sent the initial post - the Soak/Pre-wash led is now flashing after a while but water is still filling the machine as soon as you press power "on".
Attached is a video of what currently happens.


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Cool, thank you.
Documents found on the web also say that a flashing Soak/Pre-wash light means a faulty pressure switch.
Good luck with the repair.

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