Mirror hanging help needed...

28 Jan 2013
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United Kingdom
Hello all, first post here.....be gentle....

As the name suggests, I'm bloody hopeless at DIY, but want to get better, and try my best.

Hopefully the likes of this forum can help me in my quest.....

Todays head-scratcher. Hanging a Mirror.

Large mirror purchased to hang in the Lounge, above the fireplace. All measuring done, and satisfied that it will fit squarely in place. Drill holes for fixings. Alarm bells ring.

Wall is plaster on brick, normal kind of lounge chimney breast I guess. Drill bit is an 8mm Masonary bit. 8mm plastic plug for the hole is loose, not a snug fit at all. Even trying to turn the screw in the plug for it to expand makes no difference, screw and plug spin around in the hole as one.

I don't get it. 8mm plug, 8mm bit, steady hand on drill. That should do the job?

So. Been looking on site such as Screwfix etc, to see if they list anything that may help. Hollow Wall Anchors perhaps?

Tearing my hair out here!

Please help, all assistance welcome :)
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Hollow wall anchors are a no - no here as your wall is solid, from what you say.....hollow walls are plasterboard onto timber laths.
Start with a smaller drill (ensure you have a hammer drill) - plenty of pressure, slow speed and drill deeper than you need. Try 6 or even 5mm diameter drill - if they work then so will a bigger one.
For a mirror you can maybe drill just 25mm higher or lower than where you are now?
Nothing the matter with your theory, unless your 8mm drill has had a tendency to wander!
John :)
if your brickwork/plaster is on the soft side then i would use a 7mm bit and knock the 8mm plug in.
Thank you for the replies so far, very encouraging.

The plaster is quite a deep layer, and seems to crumble away, leaving the hole drilled larger than needed and irregular in shape, certainly not plug shaped.

I think that I will try a smaller drill bit, a touch higher than the holes that went so wrong today, and report back!
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You will appreciate Matt that your plastic plug must go into the brickwork, and it will never hold in plaster so drill the hole deeper and knock the plug in.
You may need longer screws than you thought!
John :)
Thank you again to those who replied with pointers :)

Had a trip out today and bought some new masonary drill bits, as the one I was using was a couple of years old, just in case that was an issue.

Started new holes above yesterdays nightmares, using a 6mm bit. Enlarged ever so slightly with a 7mm. Job sorted! Well, as far as plugs and screws into the wall.

Waiting for another pair of hands to arrive so we can offer the heavy mirror up and hopefully hang. Fingers crossed for that part!

New problems encountered though, chuck on drill seems to be sat solid, and I can't remove the bit. So I will try and follow the rules on the forum and place a question in the 'Tools' section.

Cheers peeps :)
If chuck has a key then insert and tap with hammer, if not just tap chuck with a hammer to loosen.

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