Mk1 Renault Megane Gearbox Noise

21 Mar 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi all, I have a Y reg Renault Megane 1.6. Hoping somebody can advise me! Its suddenly developed a horrid grinding noise when driving. One friend told me its the thrush bearing then another friend told me its not because it only makes the grinding sound when your driving.When you drive down a hill and push the clutch in the noise goes. We jacked up the front end started the engine and put it in gear and only the the right side wheel turned but if you rev it up the left wheel starts to move a little. So got told its a seized brake so fitted new Discs and pads and still makes that horrid grinding noise. please can anybody help

Regards pen4uk
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Thrust bearings usually makes a noise when you apply the clutch, but not always.
When you jack up the front, only one wheel will turn, the easiest one. If it was something out at the wheels you would think it should stay noisy going down the hill with the clutch pressed?

Ask someone to have a look, but it sounds as though its in the gearbox. Does it make the noise in all gears, including reverse? Going down the hill in neutral? Is there any other way you can stop the noise, other than applying the clutch?

Secondhand gearbox shouldn't be that expensive, I don't think any of the Mk1's had a 2 piece flywheel which would be a likely cause, but some of the other members will know.
It makes the noise more when your in 1st 2nd and 3rd gear not so loud in 4th and 5th. And also if i coast down hill and take it out of gear no noise. Getting the general feeling its the gearbox think im just hoping some one would come up with a cheaper fix :unsure:
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I have had diff bearings go on these, but thats not the case in this one, I'm sounds like one or more of the first motion shaft bearings have given up.
A replacement gearbox is really the way to go.
John :)