Renault megane mk1 02 plate problem

19 Mar 2019
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I have 2002 mk1 megane. When going up hill the car starts to lose power/ miss. Any ideas what could be the problem? I have changed in the last 6 weeks coil 1 and 3 of the coil pack. But if it was a coil it would be missing all the time. So I'm not sure what is up with it? It's a 1.4 16v petrol.
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Its usually the norm to change all of the pencil coils on these, rather than individually......also the same make is recommended - dont ask me why! Beru seems to be the make of choice.
Is the yellow engine management lamp on?
John :)
Hi John, thanks for your reply. Will get two new coils for 2 and 4. No yellow light on. Could it be the fuel pump? Or a crank shaft sensor?

Usually if there's a coil failure the engine management lamp comes on and stores a fault code, so I'm a little suspicious here!
Crank sensors usually prevent start up if they fail.
There are so many possibilities here - fuel pressure could be an issue as could a blocking exhaust and almost everything in between including a dirty air filter.
Is the car just sluggish when climbing hills or does it actually misfire?
John :)
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Hi John...

It's sluggish and judders when going up hill... not all of the time just 30% of the time. If I put it in n a diadnostic machine would it show up the problem? Any advice?

Ok, its now time to get the fault codes read, which are stored in the cars on board computer. This will give you some idea of where to go next.
John :)
Hi John,

Ok had code read and they said as follows... rear heated oxogen senor bank 1 is open or shorted. Rear heated oxygen sensor bank 1 circuit poor electrical connection. Faulty rear heated oxygen sensor bank 1. Inappropriate fuel pressure. Faulty fuel injectors. Intake air leeks maybe faulty. Exhaust gas leeks.

These were the faults they came up. Any ideas?

There’s a few issues showing up here, but bear in mind some of those codes may be historic - unless the garage cleared them and then they immediately reappeared, which I doubt.
Basically they point to an exhaust issue, maybe a blocking catalytic converter - but I cant take the responsibility for you replacing it on my day so!
First, Id run the car with an oxygen sensor removed, just to see if power restores. A new cat usually means oxygen sensor(s) at the same time, which isnt cheap!
John :)
Hi John,

Thanks for all your advice. I have another mk1 which is parked up for spears so will get the cat off that if needed.

Wishing you luck with it!
If you want to check the injector resistance - which unfortunately doesn't include their performance - the last ones I looked at were around 10 to 14 ohms, but they should all be about the same in any case.
I'm not sure if this car has a fuel filter separate from the one in the tank, but change it if it has.
John :)
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