renault megane

17 Jun 2008
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United Kingdom
Hallo. I just bought Renault Megane 2004 expression 1.4 engine 16v. When I sow the car everything was nice. But when I paid in cash and when a drive to my home the car start to lose power. The problem was that the needle which is showing the temperature fails down and after that did not like to accelerate normal. I stopped and turn of the car to check but as I do not understand so much about cars I did not notice nothing. So when I try to start again the car did not like to start. After a while when the car get colder I try again and start normal and the needle get back on normal working temperature. But then again fail down and again did not like to accelerate normal. Can you give me a hint what can be this problem. Thanks
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it's hard to say as your post seems to be in klingon or something, but the first thing i would check is that the car has coolant and oil.
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