Modifications and insurance

Yes, I am at one with wood engineering as well. Wood is very strong.

Or, "how to tell us you're spectacularly ignorant of engineering principles, without actually saying it"... :ROFLMAO:
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The china bearing precision was right on the money. The inner race was an exact fit, making my improvised mini-bearing press perfectly adequate. Here's my giving the shaft circlip a final push to make sure it sat fully in the groove. The force was such that I curved the 3 stacked small washers closest to the thrust nut. There's more power to the M6 press than expected. I can't test the AC until tomorrow to allow the thread lockers to cure for 24 hours. I am quite hopeful I will have a like-new AC.

I do. It's the other trollers here who need convincing.
How do you know if you can’t lay your hands on your T&C's? What insurance company are you with - let me know and I’ll look it up for you if you're having trouble.
Can't remember.

Since you have so many T&C's, you can compare them and see if the insistence on the use of approved parts is common to all of them. We are dying to know.
No, we are not

We, apart from you, are fully aware of our t's and c's
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