Insurance renewed - modifications.

30 Dec 2018
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Up North
United Kingdom
On their website, they were offering a £20 discount, if you provided them with a copy of your house insurance 'Policy Schedule'. I provided what I assumed to be the PS, but they rejected it, so I asked my house insurer for a copy of the PS, forwarded that, then heard no more - until concerned, I rang my car insurance, to see if they had accepted, or rejected that, as it was getting close to car renewal time.

They claimed they had accepted the house document, but they would refund the amount not right away, but soon - OK, so I agreed to renew.

In chatting with them, they offered to see if they could get my car renal quote down even more, had I done any more mods to the car, than I had declared they asked. I had declared I had it chipped, and that it had a tow bar, which I always thought increased the premium, but apparently not. Some insurers view a heavily modified car, as one which is valued by the owner, so will more likely be driven carefully and looked after. I always thought the opposite.
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