21 Jan 2009
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Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom
Im just renewing my car insurance.
I was mentioning to someone in work that I dont apply for the "legal cover" option and she was horrified. :eek:
Ive been driving for years and always thought it was one of the ways of getting something you dont need and getting my money out of you. Does anyone know what it entails and is it a good idea to apply for it? ;)
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Legal cover basically allows you to be able to recover unissured losses. For example if someone hits you and damages your car, their insurance will pay for repairs to the car. If however you are injured and can't work you would have to sue the driver for damages, this can cost quite a bit, with legal cover your insurer will foot the bill. You can also use it to reclaim your excess.

A while back someone hit my car in a car park and denied doing it. I took some photos and sent them to my insurer. My insurer fixed the car and then because I had legal cover the insurers solicitors took the driver to court and I got my £300 excess back. It only cost me about £15-20 per year extra so I think it is worth it.
yep have had it added to my policy since 1989.
i had an accident in 90 that resulted in nearly £1300 worth of dental work that needed doing.
the 3rd party was consistently dragging there heels until my solicitors threatened them with court etc.
i must have had somewhere in the region of 50 letters,COULD you imagine how much that wouldve cost if i didnt have legal cover.
for the price of the premium,it will cost you a hell of a lot more just for 1 letter.
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Youve all convinced me. Im def gonna apply for it now.

Thanks very much for your opinions.