Mondeo Hydraulic Clutch Problem


1 Feb 2006
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United Kingdom
I have a 1997 Mondeo 2L with a major clutch hydraulics problem. About 18 months ago the head gasket blew and I had to get a replacement engine. At the same time I asked the repairing garage to check the clutch. They got back to me to say that the clutch needed replacing and that I also had a minor leak in the slave cylinder. I approved this work, which was duly carried out.

The car was fine for a month or two then I started having problems changing gears so I returned it to the garage. They bled the clutch and said that there had probably been some air trapped in the system. It was fine again for a few weeks then the same problem returned. They took the car back and bled it again only for the problem to reappear soon after. They once again took the car back and checked it all out but said that they could find nothing wrong.

This saga has continued since then but I eventually started bleeding the clutch myself because the garage was not very helpful. It has now got to the stage where I can only drive about 20 or 30 miles before the problem comes back and the car is virtually unusable.

There is no evidence of any loss of fluid and it has not had to be topped up during this time. I am getting desperate here. Can anyone suggest what is going wrong?
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Clutch master cylinder is prime suspect. Check for leaks inside car, but no obvious fluid on carpet or seals is not always conclusive proof of fully functional unit. If your repeated bleeding is working temporarily then there is air entering somewhere for sure.

Blown H/G = new engine? ! :confused: :confused:
Thank you.

Would it not be true that if air was entering the system then some fluid would have to be displaced (lost) to accommodate it?
Clutch drag is common on mondeos could be defective clutch has been fitted
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I agree with keyplayer.if no leaks evident,change the master cylinder (should be some in scrappers).It will prove if the clutch is the problem or not.Alternative is to remove master cylinder and give it a good flushing out,could be dirt holding the rubber seals open and allowing fluid to pass back.