Need help diagnosing my Seat Ibiza clutch problem

I have done a Jetta one, ages ago, and if I recall all you could see under the bonnet was the fluid feed to the cylinder - that was a push on rubber pipe - and the outgoing pressure pipe to the clutch. I can't remember how that was connected, sorry!
Then, a few bolts holding the pedal on, and the plastic cylinder was encased within the pedal box - that was easy enough to swap.
I think I'd dive into the foot well, remove carpets and whatever and see if the clutch pedal box is separate.
If you do decide to bash on, remove the hydraulic fluid pipe and crimp it or plug it somehow, and the brakes wont be affected.
John :)
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I'll take a peek this weekend and see what I can do, many thanks for all the information! It's helped tremendously. Will post an update when I've figured out more. :)
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