VW 97 Polo clutch failure, HELP!

26 Sep 2012
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
I'll try and keep this brief. Was driving to work this morning when there was a twang/pop under my foot and suddenly I had no clutch! I've called the company who fitted the clutch (clutch was fitted last year and has a 2 year warranty) and they have said it could be either clutch cable or pedal box (which is a huge repair). They really arent interested in it at all as part of the repair at least could be free as under warranty. So have called the garage that MOT'd my car recently, they arent sure if its hydraulic clutch or not so cant diagnose (obviously) until they have towed car in which I'm still waiting for them to do. But if anyone has any ideas about what it could be, how easy the job is to do and what kind of money I'm looking at that would be really helpful! Get so worried about being ripped off! Thanks in advance :)
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It sounds like it could well be just the cable. If you look on Ebay for a new cable you will be able to see what it looks like. You can then look at the back end of the pedal to see if there is something that looks similar and if it looks broken.
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