VW 97 1.4 Polo sticky gears, help!

Sounds like the same problem on my 1.4 x reg polo.

Very difficult to get it into gear, especially 1st or 2nd, have to really push the clutch with force to change.
In fact its so bad now we have to turn engine off to put it in 1st.

Has been diagnosed as a cracked pedal box which is believe is caused by a weak weld in the box (vw did some kind of recall on the gti models and some were fixing for free if not gti) no chance of that after this long though I would imagine.

I was quoted £68 part and 4 hours labour + vat =£320 to fix but thought it was too pricey so not going for it at the moment. There are step by step instructions on how to do it online if youre mechanically minded, but involves taking out steering column and drilling out bolts etc, so Im not gonna try.

I think vw also seam weld? new one as its a common weak problem, its apparently same box as lupos use and also very common on them.

Sorry for long winded post, may not be the same but certainly sounds like it.
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