seat ibiza clutch gear box noise

2 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
hi guys
my daughter had to bump start her Ibiza 1.2 when she done it there was a crating werin noise from he rclucth or gear box this continued for a short time, and was only present when the clutch was lifted, I took it to where the clutch was fitted who said nowt to do with there work gear box needs repair just by listening to it, the problem cleared by itself however when taking up drive there is some clicking noise from the clutch or gearbox sounds like cv join but its not
any tips anyone on what I should be looking at
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Purely a guess of course, but I would imagine the clutch release bearing didn't enjoy the treatment of a bump start......I can't really see why the gearbox couldn't cope with it though.
When you press the pedal down, is there any whirring / clicking or similar, and does the pedal 'feel' seem right?
John :)
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