More $hit Jokes

Why did the chicken cross the road?
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You know the worst thing about Russian dolls?

They're so full of themselves
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Two wives go out for a girls night. They have a good time drinking and dancing ….. sure enough as the night wears on they end up getting drunk. When it’s time to leave they decide to walk home, but on the way home they need to pee. They go into a cemetery but after relieving themselves realise they have nothing to wipe with. One of the ladies uses her underwear, the other uses a wreath she sees laying nearby.

The next morning one husband phones the other slightly concerned - ‘I’m not sure they should go out together again, my wife came home with no knickers on’.

‘You think that’s bad?’ said the other man. ‘My wife came home with a card in her crack that read ‘From all of us at the fire service - you’ll never be forgotten’’.