More than a 'conspiracy theory'?

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Mind u one would think ?? That it might be a tadge unsafe launching rockets into space knowing full well that most of it will fall to earth :confused:

obviously the Chinese don’t know or to be more accurate don’t care

jeez us some bloke in his house in the Ivory Coast gets a bit of surprise when he finds part of a rocket poking through his ceiling :eek:
That bloke should should put the rocket part on EBay, it could be worth a lot of money.
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Google is your friend ;)
It's yours also, so why not use it to prove me wrong? :rolleyes:
If this document exists, and as far as I am aware, it's only been reported in the Australian press, who just happen to be in a serious disagreement with China currently, then the document considers the implications of biological weapons being used.

If you can't identify these so-called contradictions, or you won't, then it's end of the discussion because it will illustrate that you amuse yourself with baseless allegations.
I have already done so...
Whether you own up to them is 'your choice' :)
That'll be a 'no, you can't identify these supposed contradictions.' then. I guessed so. :rolleyes:
You're clearly in the same mindset of johnny2007, make an unsubstantiated allegation, then when asked to substantiate it, you claim to have already done so. :rolleyes:

You prefer the juvenile method of making unsubstantiated allegations. :rolleyes:
So is it going to be an adult intelligent discussion, or a juvenile round of allegations, and counter allegations?
Your choice.
but it wouldn’t be feasible for the Chinese to do it now in modern times?
The report is a white elephant. It does not claim that the Chinese are weaponising biological agents. It's a cleverly worded report that says the Chinese are considering the implications. As I said much earlier. it's wise for all nations to consider the use of such agents in case another country uses them.
Otherwise they would have no defence and no strategy to deal with biological weapons.
Of course they could have, it hasn't been proved either way. You have argued with me before when I was agreeing with you.
Who’s arguing? I’m having a debate on the internet ,dunno about you.
Plus where have you agreed with me :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::D.I can’t say I remember that.
So vinty and his link are wrong?
You need to see Vinty's link in its own right, and question the veracity of the information contained in it
From Vinty's link:
We believe in the freedom of the writer and as a historian, you must be inspiring with a writing style that captivates the audience.
The reason as to why this publication was started was because of the lack of history publications (not only on Medium) but on the internet itself.​
Clearly, the ability to have an inspiring writing style is more important than accuracy.
Do they honestly expect us to believe that there is a dearth of history material on the internet.
Maybe Vinty is a contributor:
We are always looking for new writers that are interested in the topic of history to write for us. If you wish to apply please see our submission rules and guidelines tab which will tell you more on how to apply as a writer for our publication.​

The founder of that site, and the author of that article is also interested in psychology:
Andrei Tapalaga
A high interest in psychology and unique mind sets. Love to write and even more to read.
Of course the two issues may not be related.
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