Secret Weather Weapons Can Kill Millions

In plan 9 from outerspace the alien vampire zombies could blow up sun light.
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I'd say that SCALAR weather modification and HAARP(it won't really be called this, this is the decoy name probably) could be just as feasible as all that crap on CO2 causing our "anthropogenically enhanced global warming"/"climate change" nonsense they spout to tax us into complete misery....when all the climate models they based it on have never taken clouds/cloud formation into the "big picture"!!
I'd recommend a book called "The Chilling Stars" by Svensmark and Calder if you want an unbiased view of what may be happening in the world- not some manipulated data and propaganda from the government, supplied by University staff terrified with losing their cushy jobs for life if they lose funding for not coming up with the "right" answers to "climate change"- a perverse situation where they have to work back from the conclusion they want and then set up the hypotheses....

Anyway-I think Russian weather modification really exists and it's pointed at Scotland with the lever STUCK at "Pishski-ing Down Summer+IcyBollokskis Winter". (That's the fault of Scottish Labour for ditching their socialist past- made the old school Russkis angry!!! We were pals before that :LOL: )
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Russia DOES have public holidays, whether they are called bank holidays was an over-simplication, presented for the hard of understanding amongst the readers. Russia DOES chuck bags of powdered cement onto possible rainclouds, to disperse rainclouds, from military aircraft. Not pre-mix, or prepared with water on the plane, the fine dust particles, then dissipate the rain formations, within the clouds.