Mounting TV on wall with anchors and no studs???

20 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi All,

I want to mount a new TV on my front room wall, but need some expert advice.

There are studs in the walls but they are metal, not wood.

I mounted a similar but smaller TV (12kg) on the wall in my bedroom using plasterboard anchors and it seems to work fine. The plasterboard in my flat is quite thick, about 15mm probably for sound proofing.

Anyway - my question is - could a larger TV (15kg) be mounted using the same method on the front room wall, or is it likely to fall off?

What do people think?

Many thanks
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Is this an internal or external wall? If this is external I would put my fastenings into the block work behind this stud work using frame fixers. The plasterboard won't then be supporting the weight of the tv directly. Still make sure that the bracket being used is touching sufficient area of the plasterboard do provide a distribution of the weight.

Same idea as kitchen wall cupboards, as there is a massive weight being placed in them (plates etc), but the cupboards themselves are only fixed with a couple of brackets at the top.

No this is an internal wall. It is a stud wall between two rooms where the plasterboard is fixed to the stud work and it is hollow in the middle.

The plasterboard fixings are the ones where you put them through the plasterboard and then use a fixing tool to open the back end of the fixings to grip the back of the plasterboard.

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It is not a good idea to rely on fixings in plaster board to carry a heavy and expensive item. It will take the weight as a static load and appear to be safe but any vibration in the wall will create dynamic forces which will weaken the plaster around the fixings.

You should arrange a horizontal wooden batten fixed to two of the vertical studs and use that to carry the weight of the TV.

Cutting a hole in the plaster board to get to the verticals is not so bad as it can be filled in once the horizontal batten is securely fixed to the verticals. Even if the replastering is not perfect the area will be hidden behind the TV. Or the hole can be cut from the other side of the wall if that is a room that does not need to have perfect wall.
metal lathing suggests an internal wall which has been specified to be fire-resistant, especially if it is 15mm board each side.

See if you can trace recommendations from makers of metal lathing for drywall. I expect you could drill into it and use wide self-tapping screws, but it is not widely used in houses.
I respect the recommendation from bernardgreen above.

However, I do feel that a 15Kg TV could be safely mounted using 4 decent sized spring toggles which have sufficient 'load-spreading' capability.

Remember the force of gravity acts downwards, not outwards.

The ultimate choice is yours :)

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