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13 Feb 2017
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United Kingdom
Had two builders advice. Airbrick vents into conservatory as floor level is lower than house. Airbrick is below damp course of house. An old survey states it is of wooden floor construction but.the other day a builder said its brick and beam to base as its like other bungalows on estate.
One of builders said to just block airbrick and put one in further along outside coservatory where there is room. Another builder said not to do this at all. Why would theirr advice differ?.
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Why would theirr advice differ
Because their understanding of regulations differ maybe?

The company who did the conservatory should of been aware of any regulations/vent requirements and made sure it complied. See here for a basic understanding of why air bricks are needed,65368,en.pdf and what can be done depending on levels etc...

As for if its needed... hopefully someone else can offer some addition advice to determine this. Do you have other air bricks around the base of house? Is the house detached, semi, terraced?
Its a bungalow..detached. 5 airbricks to front. 4to back including one to be moved. Airbrick always there. Now we moved in am concerned about poor ventilation for airbrick into conservatory. Looked at all info i could. Nothing says airbrick cannot be resited.
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First conservatory was replaced in 2010 with new base which is brick with cement over with membrane but no insulation layer..and we had outer shell of conservatory renewed last year.
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Old surveyors report says its a suspended timber floor. Is it possible for it to be suspended on vlock and beam. A joiner did some work and said yes its a suspended timber floor. Can i just add an airbrick to house wall outside the conservatotry even though it will be near to corner of house? That way i presume i can block the airbrick into conservatory from house without there being any issue?
Can i have another airbrick fitted to the house wall adjacent to and outside of the conservatory so the one which vents into the conservatory is blocked off or not?
Airbricks function best on opposite sides of walls to get a cross flow of air. If you can resite one nearby it should not make a huge difference.

In a perfect world you would look in and check that the sleeper walls were vented enough on the off chance the one you remove was venting a sealed section. Very low probability that would be the case though.
You've posted more threads on this than you have air bricks.

You have had your answers.
Thanks woody. I have several questions hence the slightly differing postings. Sarcasm is not helpful and neither am i excellent at using sites like these. Rang nhbc team.. and they have also been very helpful. The fact that an old surveyors report mentioned the same no of airbricjs being at fronrt and rear..which clearly therr was not ...would be of concern to anyone. Inheriting a home is not an easy ride or option. Putting right the wrongs is all i want to do retrospectively without causing more issues. I have no idea how many people advise on this and thought it was worth a try to see what advice was available. I am sorry that you have a need to feel superior in the way you end the discussin in your last post rather than recognising the fact that someone is thankful for your advice. Oh and just to clarify any typographical errors are down to my recent eye surgery rather than a level of illiteracy
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Lol..thanks for advice woody. New airbrick added round othrper side where no other aitprbricks are and none exist on opp wall. . Airbrick venting into conservatory will be blocked off. However bungalw wall at side of conservatory has other airbricks and on opposite wall too. airbrick enters subbfloor void below dpc and there is honeycomb built bricks present in sub floor void. Hopefully this will be ok..?
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Basic! Sorry. 5 airbricks to front and 3 aibricks to rear. All clear.
1 venting into cons from sub floor void is now blocked up. Adding an airvent at 1 to try and compensate. V shows vents front and rear.
X shows blocked vent which is inside con area. There is no corresponding vent to one of front wall vents too. There is no room to place a vent on rear wall outside conservatory. Conservatory is concrete base 3mx3m. with no subfloor.

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