Multi fuel burner flue

23 Jul 2013
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United Kingdom
I have a multi burner and where the flue pipe attaches to the burner it sits at an angle due to the construction of the chimney it's the only way I can do it. question is will this be ok?

The flue sits in the burner spout only by say around 5 mm one side and obviously a fair bit more the other. if I seal it with high temperatures silicone would this be ok?

The other issue is that it heats but the room doesn't feel much different and if above solution is acceptable I could bring it more into the room and would a register plate make that much difference to a burner set into a fireplace?
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What stove model is it?
Can you post up an image of what you've done?
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Yeh it's a ekol crystal 5
Looks like it jammed into a really tight space.
Can you take an image further back?
Woah, not good. The main reason that it's not heating the room, is that it's jammed into the opening. I get the feeling that you've installed this yourself, and not under a building control notice either. But don't worry, it just needs correcting.

You first need to check the manufacturers instructions, and see what the clearance should be around the stove, as it's more than likely that you need to widen the opening. The stove need bringing out into the room, so you need to get hold of a couple of 30 or 45 degree bends, and that might require you making the opening a bit higher as well.

Do you have a flue lining up the chimney, and if so, is there any veremiculite around it, or have you just used a closure plate, and if it is a closure plate, is there rodding access for sweeping the chimney. Or should I just ask how you've got the flue up the chimney.

And have you installed a CO alarm.
There is a flue linner and this was installed by a company but not so sure how well they know what they are doing now. so I want to bring back to standard and get it signed off.

No plate fitted yet but I have a steel sheet provided with the stove so no vermiculite either as not fitted.

What's the best way forward? making it a back entrance flue? Bring it into the room more? and fitting a register plate? assume I don't have to have vermiculite?

I do have a monoxide alarm
would a register plate make that much difference to a burner set into a fireplace?

Yes it would. You can buy fans that sit on the top of the stove and waft the warm air into the room. They generate their own power from thermo-couples in theie base.

You should contact a HETAS registered installer to look at this and suggest how to do it properly. It might mean fabricating a offset bend ___/---- to cpmment stove to flu

If you are in North Bedfordshire I would recommend the chap who installed my log burner.
Just tried a stove fan from Aldi, and in addition to having flat blades that needed bending to generate an airflow, it still didn't seem to do much, so took it back.

You don't want to make it a back entrance flue, as it won't be so efficient. You need a couple of 45 bends to create an offset, and bring the stove out into the room, and that will determine if you need to open up the height of the opening. You'll need at least to take out the corbeled bricks at the top of the opening to get the closure plate in, and you may need to take out a few of the bricks in the throat to get the flue liner to come down in a straight manner into the closure plate, and you'll need a seating ring to secure the liner into the closure plate - do you have the support bars for the closure plate.

Part of the problem you've been left with, is that the liner is coming down the throat from the right hand side of the chimney at an angle, and that's then forcing the stove pipe over, and this misalignment needs correcting.

Even if you were to bring the stove further out into the room, (which may require you extending the hearth), I'd still be inclined to open up the chimney, ad give a bit more room around it. It'll help the air circulate around the stove, but it also give you somewhere to stack wood that needs a bit more drying.

Unless you can get up on the roof, then getting vermiculite down the chimney won't be easy, but it insulates the flue liner and makes it more efficient, and also stabilises the liner when it's getting swept. Have they fitted a good cowling on the chimney.
I am willing to believe that some of these stove fans work, but my BIL bought what looked like a pretty good one. He curses it and claims that he would get more heat from the cat breathing on his hand.
New build so can open fire as nothing to open lol. I have got a new installer to look at it and he is advising it's to small opening for this burner and should never have been put in. as the people that put this in were not hetas I have taken this issue further to try and get some money back. so hopefully I do and can get the pros in

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