My cat.....The end of the road.

8 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom
My poor cat had reached the end of the road today. :cry: She had been wetting round the house the last few weeks and today had seemingly lost a lot of weight overnight.

Tonight she could not stand and her legs had gone. The vet felt that her kidneys had finally given out and at 23 yrs old had reached the end of the road. I agreed to her being put to sleep. :(

Had her for about 23 yrs so very sad.


Not sure what to do with her remains now. Should I have her cremated or bury her?

Any thoughts. :unsure:
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Hey chin up Bacho. 23 years is a big age for a cat I think so quite an innings.
Do what feels right to you.
It's always upsetting losing a furry friend. For what it's worth, I think you made the right decision.

As to what to do next, I don't wish to advise mate. It's a very personal thing but I'm sure, once again, you'll make the right decision for her.

So sorry to hear of your sad loss, 23 years is a good age for a cat, I'm sure she has given you much good companionship over the years, and will be missed.
We have always buried our pets in the garden, about two foot deep close to the rose bushes, garden of rememberance you could call it.
Get yourself another cat as soon as possible, we have never been without.


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That's sad.

I had my first dog cremated and wished I hadn't. I left her with the Vet and have no knowledge of what happened next. So now I bury them at home, wherever that is at the time.
Sad time . We had our cats cremated , and as we weren`t sure if we were staying in last house I`ve got the ashes in a cupboard . Got 2 oak tree saplings I`m growing on - going to plant them @ end of the garden with the ashes .
feel for you m8,hard thing to do,but it was for the best.
i had my dog pts about 2 years back she was about 13 years old(gsd)and had her cremated and dug a hole in the garden and poured her ashes in it,made a plaque and screwed it to the decking.

23 human years equates to the ripe old age of 88 in cats years,i think her body had enough.
Now if I had read this last year, I probably would have thought (and not wrote) it's just a cat, a pet, big deal get over it. That was until we got our first pet, a chocolate Lab puppy in Feb of this year. He is now almost 9 months old and I couldn't believe how attached i've got to him.

He follows me everywhere, we go out for great walks and he sometimes comes to my work with me. In fact I spend more time with him than my wife :oops: . I've built an extension just for him with a huge sofa, TV and radio.

If he died, I'd cry my eyes out. I can now relate to you losing your pet and Jesus Christ 23 years is a fair bit of companionship. Sorry to hear of your loss.

My initial thought was if you intend on staying in your current house for a long time then maybe bury him in the garden, maybe a new shrub or something nice to mark the spot.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your cat. Having to make the decision is one of the toughest things in life. Have been there ourselves.

It should be some consolation that you gave a good home to her, you did a great job to give her 23 years of life.

We always have rescue cats, that have had an uncertain start in life. We always try to make sure that the second part of their life that is spent with us is as good as possible.

Too early I know, but in time you may be able to offer another cat a great home. There's loads out there that need it.

Best wishes

BAHCO Sorry to hear of your loss. I had to say goodbye to my shadow(a chocolate sealpoint persian) recently at the age of 18. I thought i was a bit of a hard man but couldn't stop crying for a couple of days. We had her from 3months old and used to follow me everywhere.
Sorry to hear this Bacho.
They become part of your family and it really hurts when they go.
The decision is entirely yours but when we had our Ben, (King Charles Cav), pts 5 years ago on Dec 31 we had him cremated and his ashes are in a small wooden box which sits on the wifes bedside cabinet with his picture.
My grandkids never knew him as they were born after but they all know who he is. If we ever see one on our walks they always ask if that is Ben.
Take your time and talk to your family to see what they would like to do.
Commiserations Bahco, a 23 old cat is some age; we lost a 10 year old ginger tom under very similar circumstances some years ago, it’s always sad & can be surprisingly upsetting when they depart :cry: . I thought our current & very large black tom was doing well at 18 years; he’s healthy at the minute if not a little slow now but has his moments. He is getting prone to occasional “out of character” behaviour which I can only imagine is due to some sort of feline version of senile dementure. :rolleyes:
I know how you feel mate. Had the same thing about two weeks ago. Our Lilac British shorthair had to be put to sleep at the age of fifteen ( they normally live to around twelve). The worst part of it was that she was still trying to stand up as the injection was administered and I had to hold her down. I felt like a murderer for the next few days. :cry:
Thanks for all your best wishes and support. It seems we are a nation of cat lovers! :D

We have decided to bury her in the garden as my kids don't want her to be cremated. I have made her a little coffin with a screw down lid and we will do the honours on Saturday.

I feel blessed that we both met each other and that she gave me so much pleasure and companionship.

Thanks again. :D
Thanks for all your best wishes and support. It seems we are a nation of cat lovers! :D I feel blessed that we both met each other and that she gave me so much pleasure and companionship.
Arrrr that’s so nice & I’m with you all the way ;) ; just goes to show that in spite of the occasional rant, we’re all softies really. :rolleyes:
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